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Lithium battery types and different classification, what types 18650 groups of lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-12-02

lithium battery types and different classification, 18650 groups of lithium-ion batteries what kind? Rapid development along with the rapid development of Chinese society, mankind have to increase gradually, the motion of the rechargeable batteries as a way of electrical energy to mechanical energy saved the device is very appropriate. is called 18650 manufacturing adopted lithium ion batteries are the most common type, overall battery industry is unified, standardized management of the type of rechargeable battery specifications. Master a little knowledge of the lithium battery pack is very need it to be. Today let small make up this article talk about types and differences of lithium battery and lithium battery what types 18650 sets.

lithium battery pack types and different classification

a, classified by anode materials are

1. Cobalt acid lithium batteries: its high specific energy make cobalt acid lithium is called mobile phone. Due to the molecular structure of chemical element of cobalt acid lithium good stability, so the battery structure capacity than high, comprehensive performance is prominent, but its security is poor, the cost is very high, it is mainly used for medium and small type batteries, widely used in small laptops, smart phones, MP3/4, laptops and digital cameras in small electronic devices, product performance is stable, charge and discharge power rating voltage has been in a normal, comprehensive performance is outstanding, often 3 standard voltage. 7 v

2。 Manganese acid lithium battery: manganese acid lithium battery can be in 20 - 30 a decentralized electric current, and with the appropriate heat accumulation. Low cost, safety and low temperature performance good anode material, but its material itself is not so stable, easy to decompose to produce gas, so much for mixed with other materials used, in order to reduce the cost of batteries, but the attenuation of cycle life quickly, prone to bulge, high temperature performance is poorer, relatively short life, it is mainly used for large and medium-sized, batteries, power battery, the nominal voltage of 3. 7V。 Manganese acid lithium for power tools accessories, medical equipment, and its hybrid cars and new energy vehicles.

3。 Rechargeable batteries, lithium iron phosphate lithium phosphate has good electrochemical safety performance and low resistance. If high energy density, laminated technology good manufacturer, capacity to do a few bigger, can achieve 185 wh/kg. Safety performance is excellent, in complete charge and discharge process, in the structure of the battery will not have much change, also won't happen explosions, even the short circuit and overcharge, the collision accident cases, is still very safe.

a common classification, according to the internal structure of the raw material lithium battery

1. Lithium batteries, lithium batteries, manganese dioxide is usually used for the lithium battery cathode material, metal or its alloy metal anode materials for rechargeable batteries, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution.

2。 Lithium ion battery: the lithium ion battery, lithium alloy metal oxide is usually used for the battery anode material, graphite as the cathode materials, using nonaqueous electrolytes of rechargeable batteries.

three, according to the shell material classification

the first category, steel shell rechargeable batteries, in plain English is shell is steel. Most manufacturers will in steel battery shell material, because the physical stability of the steel materials, stress is much higher than that of aluminum shell material, after each manufacturer of structure optimization design, safety device is placed inside the battery core, the security of the steel column type battery has reached a new height

the second category, aluminum shell rechargeable batteries, the material of the same shell is aluminum. Aluminum shell rechargeable batteries is a shell, a soft shell, as for the anode material, there are many kinds of, see you like which one to use, the use of different material use place is still different

the third kind, lithium-ion polymer battery, shell is a kind of high polymer material, most is silvery white, a handful of producers do is colored, the personage inside course of study is called black. Mainly used in automotive electronic products ( GPS tracker batteries, tire pressure detection apparatus, vehicle traveling data recorder) , Shared bicycle lamp, solar energy storage, cryogenic intercom, etc.

lithium battery what types of 18650

18650 groups of lithium-ion batteries there are 18650 species of nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium ion battery of 18650 and 18650 iron phosphate lithium rechargeable batteries.

1。 18650 lithium batteries: 18650 lithium ion battery is liquid lithium battery pack, the electrolyte is liquid, at present most of cylindrical, aluminum shell of rechargeable batteries.

2。 18650 lithium iron phosphate battery charge: 18650 iron phosphate lithium rechargeable batteries are created in recent years, is developing rapidly in lithium ion batteries made of, also is a class of lithium ion batteries.

3。 18650 nimh batteries: 18650 nimh battery is a kind of very good battery safety performance.

in adoption of lithium secondary battery energy battery industry thanks to its excellent safety performance. With the rapid development of lithium secondary battery technology, has been widely used in our daily life; Repeatedly used in rechargeable batteries are becoming more and more widely customers. 18650 lithium-ion batteries at present stage has a great range of use in many fields.

18650 lithium battery pack pack using range ( Applications)

smart scan code gun,


electric tools,

underwater vacuum cleaners,

solar street lamps and other consumer digital products

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