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Lithium ion batteries and ternary lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-27

often have enterprise customers with that question for our lithium battery manufacturer, said: & other; Lithium ion batteries and ternary lithium battery which good? ” We want to know the lithium ion battery and ternary lithium batteries are used in lighting lamps and lanterns, electric toy car, portable small fan, etc. This kind of electronic equipment products, if you want to know which battery is better, we want to use domain analysis, from the comprehensive strength, to the results. Well, today we are going to look of today's article lithium ion battery and ternary lithium battery which one ok.

what is the lithium ion battery

(lithium ion battery is a kind of secondary battery Rechargeable batteries) , it depend on specific lithium-ion mobile to run between the positive and negative each other. In the process of charging and discharging, Li + in the back and forth between two electrodes embedded and embedded off: when charging, Li + embedded from the anode, through anode, electrolyte embedded negative in rich lithium condition; When discharge in turn.

lithium ion batteries

a short circuit, don't burst into flames, no explosion. Charging: does not burst into flames, not explode. Hot box test: not on fire and explosion ( 150 ℃ temperature is better for 10 min) 。 Needle thorn: no explosion ( With 3 mm Ф penetrate cells)

tablet: not on fire and explosion ( 10 kg weight since the 1 m high at the battery) 。 Burn: no explosion ( The gas flame barbecue battery)

what is the lithium ion battery

lithium ion battery was for & other; The ternary polymer lithium battery & throughout; , referring to the nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium nickel or cobalt aluminate as the anode material of lithium battery. The smaller size of lithium ion batteries, power density is higher, at this stage is widely used in new energy vehicles, such as our familiar tesla, all models are adopted the lithium ion battery.

lithium ion battery and lithium ion batteries which good

a than the mass medium, stable performance, high cycle life, but the price is relatively high and low temperature performance is poor; Ternary lithium: mass energy is higher, the price is relatively cheap, low temperature performance of medium, but its stability is poorer prone to security issues, and cycle life are shorter than lithium ion battery life on.

lithium ion battery that a name is very loud and clear, but the specific content, I'm afraid a lot of friends is not clearly visible, must pay attention to. Three yuan positive electrode materials in batteries than energy, power, big charge ratio, low temperature performance index has advantages, such as cycle performance indicators is lithium ion battery is better, but in the cold environment became worse. Security, lithium ion battery was the most ideal, but the increasing of ternary lithium battery pack management technology, gradually improve. So we understand that in the field of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, such as bus development space is opposite bigger, than the battery energy and specific power requirements are relatively low, can choose lithium ion battery materials, exert its circulation performance good characteristic. Car development space is limited, the small dosage of battery, choose specific energy and specific power batteries ternary material is more suitable. From the adaptation policy point of view, the future demand a higher energy density, lithium ion battery potential will get bigger.

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