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Lithium-ion batteries will explode, lithium battery caused the explosion

by:dcfpower     2020-11-11

but all lithium-ion batteries, there will be involved in safe hidden trouble of the explosion, but he is a potential safety hazard probability is small. So the lithium battery will explode, but if the explosion, the greater the capacitance of the greater the damage of lithium battery explosion. Even if the lithium battery as a whole is very safe, but they also occasionally fire or explosion, for what reason the battery are sometimes a bang bang? We together to find the answer.

battery explosion of subjective factors is a vital battery short circuit ( That did not use electrical appliances in the circuit in the battery, so that a very short period of time according to the state of battery internal structure of the current is too large) And whether it is short circuit or the battery is charging too much, explosion of another vital subjective factors, namely the battery voltage is higher than the maximum of adjustment) , it is can cause lithium battery internal structure in a very short period of time, in fact, large quantities of the accumulation of heat and gas ( run time will be converted to gas) , in this case, in order to better pressure relief, lithium battery or will enhance the internal structure of the pressure relief devices, pressure will directly make the metal shell cracking, and the two kinds of situation will cause the battery internal structure materials direct contact with air, and burning, severe cases is exploded. In general, it is hot out of control.

when it comes to in front, lithium battery explosion has four crucial reason

1. One is a short circuit,. Short circuit is easy to understand, is the battery is negative direct contact. First of all, under normal circumstances a very short period of time, in fact, which is formed by the short circuit of small area heat actually few, don't cause heat can't control. Batteries itself when designing a explosion-proof valve safe use, meaning is when the batteries internal structure stress exceeds a certain value, the charges will be explosion-proof valve, in fact, quantity of heat quickly melted away.

2。 Another is excessive charging, the second is normally battery charging equipment for the safe use of all the overcharge protection, when the battery voltage reaches a certain value or will stop charging. The third batteries itself is the steel shell, shell has the very good protection.

3。 Extremely high temperature, there is no doubt that may cause the divider does not work. Battery or get too close to the fire in the fire will cause the battery explosion. Other external factors can also cause the lithium battery doesn't work. If hard fall off mobile phone ( Or fall many times) , are probably damaged separator, cause contact electrodes. If you tie is broken cell ( Whether accidentally or intentionally) So there is little doubt will cause a short-circuit.

4。 Battery charger problems: poor quality or damaged insulation bad battery charger will lithium battery pack. If the battery charger short circuit or around the battery formation heat, it can cause enough damage, cause of failure.

because what's the cause of the lithium ion battery will explode?

lithium is to make the lithium ion battery has become so valuable, also can let them have the ability to fire or explosion. Lithium very well in terms of storing energy. When it was revealed as a trickle, it will for you of cellular phone distribution throughout the day. But when it all at once apparent, the battery will explode.

in a high purity graphite as the cathode of lithium ion battery, is to use a bit of lithium cobalt oxide, is equipped with dividers of the electrolyte, high purity graphite for several groups, groups of several groups of overlapping. In ultra-thin cell phone batteries that classes, it is such a lap up bit by bit, while in the laptop is usually the large material stack into cylindrical, into something like 3 batteries. In lithium ion batteries, with the greatest danger is not the two electrodes, it was in the middle of the organic solvent electrolytes, with most combustible ethers. When short circuit when the battery because of a variety of reasons, inside the battery energy is in a very short time appeared in the form of heat, light such as solvent ethers, led to the explosion.

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