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Lithium ion battery can air shipment by plane?

by:dcfpower     2020-12-06

according to the international civil aviation organization 'air transport dangerous goods safety technical conditions', the relevant provisions of the personal use of mobile phones, cameras, laptops and other consumer electronics equipment spare lithium ion battery can not checked, can only be placed in the hand luggage, each passenger can't more than 2 pieces, and must be a single well protected from short circuit. But on equipment in the lithium ion battery or lithium spare lithium ion batteries must meet the following content and rated power limit: lithium metal or lithium alloy battery lithium content is not more than 2 g, rating of the lithium ion battery energy does not exceed 160 wh. About the rated energy wh - in 100 160 wh large-scale lithium ion batteries, must be approved by the airlines to take a plane.

airline check in lithium ion battery is forbidden, in order to prevent accidents, protect the life property safety of the passengers. Passengers in a plane, therefore, should be familiar with related provisions of civil aviation in advance, do not need to carry too much spare lithium ion battery, in case there could not be boarding or were forced to abandon the spare battery.

battery special new rules details

1, does not allow tourists with lithium batteries in checked baggage.

2, tourists can du carry is for personal use zhi contain lithium or lithium ion battery core or battery life consumption of electricity dao zi device ( Wrist watch, students calculators, digital cameras, mobile phones, notebook computers, camcorders, etc. ) 。 For emergency batteries must be a single should be protected to prevent short circuit, and can only be carried in the hand luggage items. In addition, each emergency batteries shall not exceed the following number:

( 1) For lithium metal or lithium metal batteries, lithium composition is not more than 2 grams;

( 2) For lithium ion batteries, such as its quality, and the total lithium composition does not exceed 8 g.

3, tourists can carry such as quality, and the total composition of lithium in more than eight grams and not more than 25 grams of lithium ion battery, if the individual should be protected to prevent it short out, can be carried in the hand luggage items. Emergency batteries with two per person.

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