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Lithium ion battery failure causes of failure suddenly

by:dcfpower     2020-11-21

in lithium-ion batteries, often referred to as designated by some essence causes loss of battery performance or process performance is abnormal, it is likely to produce in the manufacturing, logistics transportation, the operation of any kind of link, it will not only interfere with the characteristics of the battery, and even cause fire, explosion and other safety issues. Lithium ion battery according to the different types of interference, also can be divided into feature doesn't work and safety doesn't work. Below with lithium battery manufacturer to take a look at our shenzhen lithium ion battery doesn't work suddenly causes of failure.

lithium ion battery capacity loss in the

in carrying out standard cycle normally aging test, after a more than five hundred cycles, low lithium ion battery capacity should not be over nine hundred percent of the initial state, after more than one thousand times, should not lower than 80% of the initial state, such as loss of capacity can't meet the prescribed standards to produce the phenomenon of excessive, belong to capacity loss doesn't work. Lithium ion battery capacity loss doesn't work is divided into irreversible capacity loss and irreversible capacity loss. In the reversible loss can be adjusted according to the battery charge and discharge system and improve the environment, such as operation method to restore the loss of capacity of the battery, the irreversible loss due to battery irreversible changes have taken place in the organizational structure is the unable to restore the capacity of the loss, so it cannot be redeemed.

battery capacity loss doesn't work, the key reason is that material also and battery manufacturing technology, operating environment and other objective factors have inseparable relationship. From the material point of view, the cause of capacity loss caused by no effect with the anode materials doesn't work, the cathode surface SEI transition manufacturing, electrolyte doesn't work, set fluid doesn't work, and so on.

lithium ion battery short-circuit it won't appear in the

lithium ion battery short-circuit will usually appear in the self-discharge, capacity loss, local thermal runaway and cause safety accidents. During the battery structure to produce a short circuit, two kinds of electrode materials electronically in interconnection structure, cause local high current density. Lithium ion battery short circuit may be produce organizational structure in the formation of lithium dendrite or shock compression, and so on and so forth. Long time the organizational structure of a short circuit will cause self-discharge and local temperature rise, local temperature rise obviously, interferences due to if the temperature is beyond a certain threshold, the electrolyte is likely, according to chemical reaction starts to break down, leading to thermal runaway has potential risks to health and safety.

lithium ion battery internal resistance increases with the

lithium ion battery internal resistance and cell tissue structure of electronic data transfer and ion transfer process related data, the key is divided into ohmic resistance and the polarization resistance, polarization key caused by electrochemical polarization resistance, is divided into electrochemical polarization and concentration polarization. When the battery internal resistance increases, as for the descent, voltage, power and energy density, such as battery thermogenesis doesn't work. Interfere with its key factors are the key materials and battery operating environment, but the key material to produce abnormal is the basic factors affecting the internal resistance increases.

lithium ion battery can't produce lithium analysis with

lithium analysis is in the lithium battery pack cathode surface precipitation is a common lithium battery pack aging phenomenon doesn't work. Analysis of lithium can make the lithium ion battery structure activity reduced, produce capacity decline, and will form the dendrite pierced diaphragm, too much can cause local current and generate heat, resulting in battery safety issues.

never the lithium ion battery produces thermal runaway

thermal runaway refers to the temperature of the lithium ion battery internal partial or whole rapid rise, quantity of heat is not dispersed in time, a large number of accumulation in the internal, and induce further adverse events. The inside of the battery heat out of control.

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