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Lithium-ion polymer battery suddenly appear zero voltage or low voltage six reasons

by:dcfpower     2020-10-13

usually standard polymer lithium battery voltage is 3. 7 v, factory set the minimum voltage is 3. 7V。 When we don't allow the charging voltage control, influence we have disadvantages to the battery is indeed, affect the battery charge capacity is small, even more will greatly reduce the service life of batteries.

polymer lithium battery suddenly appear zero voltage or low voltage is caused by what, probably reason has the following six reasons:

1, polymer lithium battery pack ear off: when the battery encapsulation between metal belt and aluminum-plastic film caused by short circuit fault, thus the wrapping according to heating ( About 140 ℃) Hot melt adhesive sealing membrane and aluminous model in a sudden leakage.

2, ear glue not leak out of the packaging film, pole ear short-circuit fault according to the inner layer of the aluminum foil box connected large capacity lithium battery.

3, polymer lithium battery cement pole ear cut short circuit fault, battery encapsulation leakage

4. Inside the battery voltage, electric current contact

5, polymer lithium battery pack external short-circuit fault structure, like a lot of storage battery, a short-circuit fault overlap each other, when the battery which is negative ear clip on the same side, and so on.

6, polymer lithium battery internal short circuit fault, or micro short circuit fault, such as: is the cathode have burr phenomenon through touch the fault isolation membrane paper, isolation membrane paper wrapped in pole piece or just not good with pole piece flush cause a short-circuit fault, such as

it is more than 6 lithium-ion polymer battery suddenly appeared the possible causes of zero voltage or low voltage, when suddenly appeared this situation, we can make one by one screen, see exactly what is going wrong, or there are any problems can also be official directly to consult our technical staff.

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