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Lithium iron phosphate battery in base station and computer room

by:dcfpower     2021-03-10

The basic structure of the battery pack used in the machine roomless base station is shown in the figure below. The battery pack includes two parts: battery module and BMS.

Figure 2 Basic structure of iron-lithium battery pack pack

(1) Battery module

The specifications of lithium iron batteries are shown in the table below. For example, a 50Ah lithium iron battery requires 16 cells with a single 3.2V battery. The battery of this model has a height of 4U and can be embedded in a machine room-less cabinet. A single battery pack can be used in parallel to form a battery with larger capacity. .

Product specification 48V50Ah48V30Ah48V10Ah product model CNLP48 cathode material lithium iron phosphate battery composed of 3.2V 16 strings Appearance size (mm) 440×370×177440x370x132440x370x44 Installation size 9 inches 4U9 inches 3U9 inches 1U weight (kg) 2918.46. 2

(2)Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS is mainly used to manage the battery charging and discharging process, improve the battery life, and provide users with related information. BMS generally consists of monitoring, protection circuits, electrical, communication interfaces, thermal management devices, etc. Its main functions include intelligent charging management, battery balance management, intelligent intermittent charge and discharge management, thermal system management, and communication management.

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