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Lithium iron phosphate battery production process is becoming more mature

by:dcfpower     2021-02-22
New energy darling lithium iron phosphate battery occupies a certain advantage in the industrial revolution. With the improvement of production equipment and technology, the density of lithium iron phosphate power supply is also increasing. However, there are advantages and worries. The manufacturing cost is currently higher than that of lead-acid batteries and lithium manganate batteries. As a result, the production capacity and pass rate of materials are not high, mainly due to problems in process and manufacturing technology. The manufacturer claims that this problem can basically be solved if appropriate preparation equipment, preparation techniques and element mixing methods are adopted. u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e Lithium iron phosphate batteries have become a new energy industry chain for lithium batteries. Products such as digital cameras, laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile power supplies, and automobiles that we use every day are important for safety, life, and environmental protection. The demand for materials is intense. Practitioners have previously faced difficulties in production technology and worried about whether the lithium iron phosphate battery industry will collapse, but the company's analysis report pointed out that it should mainly be viewed from its development prospects, and should not be blinded by the problems it faces now. The lithium battery pack industry and its subordinate industries are generally still on an upward trend. In the visible time in the future, the market scale will only be larger and will not shrink. However, we should face up to the problems in the development of the lithium battery industry and work hard to find solutions, although my country's solar cells, lithium batteries, and fuel cells are developing rapidly and affecting the development of related energy industries. However, many foreign-funded enterprises and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises have entered so far, and the industry has the opportunity to be replaced. On its production process: Practitioners claim that other synthetic methods are no longer needed to use ammonium dihydrogen phosphate as a raw material, because these synthetic materials are not well controlled in the production process and will produce a large amount of ammonia and cause environmental pollution. This production equipment uses integrated materials, no ethanol, and no drying, which reduces the tedious production process and reduces the cost, ensuring the safety in the manufacturing process. Using a new method of incorporation of materials, the additives are perfectly mixed with lithium, iron, and phosphorus, without the need for a dryer to manufacture directly. The material can reduce and coat the lithium iron phosphate in the post-processing, and improve the conductivity. From the improvement of production equipment, the diversity of technical means and actual production methods, manufacturers have been able to produce lithium iron phosphate batteries, and if they can reduce the cost, their future development is boundless. u003c/pu003e
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