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Lithium polymer battery and lithium ion batteries which good, what's the difference

by:dcfpower     2020-10-02

the high-end equipment manufacturing continuously increase as time goes on, also considering the continuous market demand of green environmental protection, more and more green environmental protection product is applied to the industry market, in terms of battery industry, the characteristics of lithium battery with its various alternatives to traditional meaning lead-acid battery for a short period of time, become the backbone of the energy storage industry market. The kinds of lithium battery has a lot of, in a sense is the emergence of lithium polymer batteries, give full play to promote many electronic products, for example the TWS bluetooth headset, for example, a distinctive small electronic devices. Then today, we come to see the lithium polymer battery and lithium ion batteries which good, what is the difference between.

lithium ion battery is introduced

is a secondary battery ( Rechargeable batteries) , across the electrodes of lithium ion in the concrete between the mobile to work. In the process of discharge, the Li element embedded in the back and forth between the two electrodes and embedded; When charging, Li elements from the anode falls off, after anode, electrolyte embedded in the cathode in the rich lithium state; The TV is in turn. Lithium ion battery application prospect is very vast, specific aggregation is suitable for mobile phones and laptops, is the symbol of the modern high performance battery.

types of lithium batteries

according to the different electrolyte materials used for the lithium ion battery and lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion battery, LiquifiedLithium - IonBattery, referred to as the LIB) And polymer lithium ion battery, PolymerLithium - IonBattery, for PLB) Or plastic lithium ion battery, PlasticLithiumIonBatteries, for PLB) 。

the advantages of lithium ion battery:

1, the circulation service life is long. cycle life today has reached more than one thousand times, under low discharge depth can reach tens of thousands of times, have more than the other so several secondary battery.

2, small self-discharge. self-discharge rate is only 6 - 8%, far short of nickel cadmium battery ( 25 - three hundred percent) And nickel metal hydride batteries ( 30 ~ four hundred percent) 。

3, no memory effect. Can charge at any time in accordance with the relevant provisions, and not so easy to reduce the battery performance.

4, the ecological environment pollution-free. Can't find the poisonous and harmful material in lithium-ion batteries, it is well-deserved & other; Environmental protection battery & throughout; 。 Lithium polymer battery is the upgrading generation, mass in 1999 to manufacture into professional market.

5, high work standard voltage, work standard voltage of lithium battery in 3. 6 v, is standard nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries work voltage of 3 times.

6, high specific energy. than the energy of one hundred and forty Wh/kg, now is 3 times of nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride battery 1. 5 times.

7, lithium battery pack is considering the durable storage! Sometimes the price high some

polymer batteries

lithium polymer battery is solid polymer electrolyte, rather than a liquid electrolyte, other with lithium battery are basically the same. Polymer electrolyte material is made from a mix of power law fluid in the various types of plastic film, in the main body of power law fluid in the polymers such as polyethylene oxide as solvent of does not move. Lithium polymer battery has the advantage that can be made into any style and relatively light, this is considering that it does not contain heavy metals and can't keep the electrolyte leakage plastic metal case.

1 uniformity lithium polymer battery, battery capacity is big also

in place for a long time after its capacity loss is very small. Polymer lithium battery is the same size of the steel shell battery capacity 10 ~ one hundred and fifty percent, relatively high aluminum battery 5 ~ one hundred percent, into a color screen mobile phone and smartphone of choice, now the new colour screens and smart phones are on the market are mostly with polymer batteries.

2。 Polymer battery life is long, can be customized customer requirements shape

normally use its cycle life can reach more than five hundred times. Lithium polymer battery battery manufacturers don't we need to stick to standard shape, can make the size of the suit economically. Polymer lithium battery according to the customer's demand increase or decrease the thickness of the batteries, the development of cell types, and the price is materially beneficial, proofing cycle time is short, some even can also be tailored according to the mobile phone shape, so as to make full use of the metal shell of the battery space, increase the battery capacity.

3。 Polymer battery no memory effect, strong security

not empty battery before charging, use convenient and durable. Polymer lithium battery chooses aluminous model flexible packaging, in the structure is different from liquid metal case of batteries, if in the event of potential safety hazard, liquid batteries are more likely to explode, and polymer batteries will only at most gas drum.

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