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Lithium polymer battery charge activation

by:dcfpower     2021-03-22

Currently, polymer lithium battery pack charging is mainly based on voltage limiting and current limiting method. The initial constant current (CC) charging has the strongest battery acceptance. As the charging process continues, the polarization is strengthened, the temperature rises, and the voltage rises. , When the charge reaches about 70~80%, the voltage reaches the maximum charge limit voltage, and it switches to the constant voltage (CV) charging stage. In the constant voltage stage, there is a trickle charge, which takes about 30% of the time to charge 10% of the electricity, the current intensity decreases, and the temperature rise no longer increases.

This process considers the total voltage or average voltage control of the battery pack. In fact, there are always those with higher cell voltages, which have entered the overcharge stage relative to other batteries in the group. In the same way, when discharging, there are over-discharged batteries in the group. Over-charging and over-discharging are fatal to the battery. The difference is that over-charging produces a lot of gas, is easy to spontaneously ignite and explode, and appears to be violent; The appearance changes slowly, but the failure rate is extremely fast, so it should be strictly avoided in normal use.

In this regard, there is a new lithium battery charging method called parallel control and balance management, which can separately manage the charge and discharge of each battery core, and balance the control. This dynamic balance concentrates the discharge Balance and charge balance have the advantages of two balances. Although there are differences in the initial capacity, voltage, internal resistance, etc. between the individual cells, the relative charge and discharge intensity and depth consistency can be ensured during work, and the common life span is gradually reached. end. This method is particularly suitable for high-current discharge. Our company has developed PCB equalization protection for up to 20 series lithium batteries, and the maximum discharge current can reach 100A.

Therefore, when charging the lithium battery, you must use a dedicated lithium battery charger, especially pay attention to the parameters of the battery used, to be consistent, when the lithium battery is used in combination, It is necessary to add a PCB protection board to the battery pack to avoid electric cores, leakage, even fire and explosion, and to extend the service life of the battery as long as possible, but the battery cannot be charged and discharged, which increases the number of cycles of the battery.

Activation of polymer lithium battery pack

There has been controversy about whether polymer lithium-ion battery is activated. Some netizens feel that general lithium-ion batteries do not need to be activated. If the battery is left for too long, you can charge it for a few hours after it is fully charged. More than 12 hours will not work. The common sense that everyone knows that the first three charging for 12 hours is for the original nickel-cadmium battery. Lithium-ion batteries are not, because lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect. Experts have said: The general formation process requires a period of low current charging and discharging. In order to form the SEI film on the electrode surface, this is of course not done by the ordinary user's charger. If there is really such a statement of activation, then it is so important. How can the manufacturer leave it to the user to complete the process?

So some users report: According to practical experience, the lithium battery needs to be activated because the memory effect cannot be restored, but if the lithium battery is not activated The problem of insufficient capacity can be recovered. Regardless of the standard lithium battery of any digital device, it must be activated when it is activated. Many users do not scientifically activate the lithium battery during the process of using it. As a result, the lithium battery pack cannot reach the optimal capacity. It is easy for people to mistakenly think that this is a memory effect.

General batteries have the following activation process:

Activation process 1: The lithium battery that has just been used generally has a remaining power, so do not charge it at this time. Put the battery into the product and use it normally until the battery is too low to turn on at all.

Activation process two: The first time you charge, it is best to use the original charger to charge, and it is better to turn off the charge. For the convenience of use, many people do not turn off the charge, which is not good for activating the lithium battery capacity. And remind everyone to charge for 12 hours or more and 15 hours or less. During the period, if it prompts that it is fully charged, don’t bother to unplug it, and let it keep charging!

Activation process 3: After the first full charge, if it is used normally, it can’t be turned on. You can press process two again to continue the operation!

Activation process four: fully discharge, fully charge (ie repeat process two and process three) and repeat three times. At this time, the battery is activated successfully and can reach the best capacity state.

Notes: Lithium batteries are often activated at the factory, so there is no need for buyers to activate again. It is recommended not to use universal chargers during the activation period. If it reaches the normal period of use, the universal charger is unnecessary. Because the original charger is the most suitable. Universal charger, current unstable, does not necessarily match the voltage of the lithium battery, it may accelerate the aging of the lithium battery.

Polymer lithium ion batteries can be divided into three categories:

(1) Solid polymer electrolyte lithium ion batteries. The electrolyte is a mixture of polymer and salt. This battery has low ionic conductivity at room temperature and is suitable for high-temperature use.

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