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Lithium polymer battery life and the life of lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-12

we were know polymer lithium battery explosion, high safety, not easily plastic type can change patterns, polymer molecular weight causes high specific energy, etc. Mass production into the electronic market in 1999, on the principle of lithium polymer batteries from lithium batteries battery upgrade generation. Extensive use of the electronic components, portable electronic devices. Despite the service life is long, but there is a deadline of the polymer lithium battery and lithium battery life is what a long! We follow our battery together today small make up take a look at lithium polymer battery life and the comparison of the lithium battery life.

lithium polymer battery life and the life of lithium-ion batteries is

the right view: polymer lithium battery pack is one of the lithium battery, so you need not too worried, specific seriously look at the life of lithium-ion batteries will understand. life and the completion of polymer lithium battery pack charging cycle frequency, frequency and charge there is no direct relationship.

we can change a point of view, for example, only need to use the lithium battery in the first days together half of the battery, then charge for it. If so, the next day with half charge, total charge down twice, it can only be counted as a charge cycle, instead of two. So, usually charging may go through several times to complete a cycle. Charging each to complete a cycle, power will be down a little bit. However, the reduction is small, high quality battery charge cycle for many times, still can save eight hundred percent of the original electricity, many lithium battery products after two or three years later still use as usual, it is for this reason. life, of course, ultimately want to change.

lithium battery life in general is 300 ~ 500 charge cycles. Assume a one-off completely discharge give power to Q, if you don't consider charging each cycle after the power is reduced, the lithium battery in the life of a total of can give or replenish the Q - 300 500 q of power. Thus we know that, if every time with 1/2 filling, then you can charge 600 - 1000 times; If every time with a third charge, translates to 900 ~ 1500 times. By analogy, if random charging, frequency. In general, no matter how to charge, total added into 300 q and 500 q of electricity that is constant. So, everybody can understand like this: the lithium battery life and the total charge capacity of the battery, and charging frequency has nothing to do. Deep feed deep and shallow shallow charger for lithium battery life the influence of the difference is not very big.

in fact, shallow put light is more of an advantage for lithium batteries, only the product of the power supply module for lithium battery for correction, is necessary to put deep deep filling. So, the use of lithium battery products need not confined to the operation process, all for first, charging at any time, do not need to worry influence life span.

if the above specified operating temperature, namely 35 & deg; C environment using lithium battery, the battery power will be continuously reduced, the battery power supply time will not be as long as in the past. If under such working temperature, and charging equipment, that will be more damage in the battery. Even in the hot environment of storage battery, also cannot avoid the corresponding damage about the quality of the battery. So, as far as possible to maintain the optimum benefit of operating temperature is a good way to extend the service life of lithium-ion batteries.

if in low temperature environment, namely 4 & deg; C below used in lithium-ion batteries, also found that battery time is reduced, some mobile phone original lithium battery pack charge even in low temperature environment not to electricity. But need not too worried, this is just a temporary situation, different from the use of high temperature environment, if working temperature rises, the battery is heated, the molecules in immediately return to the previous power. To take maximum effectiveness of lithium ion battery, and use it regularly, keep the electronic of lithium battery in a state of flow. If you don't often use lithium battery.

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