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Lithium polymer battery maintenance common problems

by:dcfpower     2020-11-22

charge it into electricity, when charging the battery pack can be divided into the following several: so the charger wrong or charger fault; Protection board guarantee not restored or protection board failure; The battery pack with electric outside or blowing. That for people to look at in detail together polymer lithium battery pack maintenance of common problems.

battery maintenance common problems note

1. Don't forget to ordinary maintenance, don't wait for polymer problems arise to repent

power lithium battery pack pack should also pay attention to maintenance usually, only after completion of the maintenance work, can let the rechargeable batteries used for a longer time. Pay attention to working temperature. is long exposure to high temperature region, if the working temperature is more than 60 degrees, is sure to immediately carry out migration of rechargeable batteries. High working temperature will not only harm the internal structure of rechargeable batteries, and will continue to cause some risk, if your lithium ion battery is relatively large, you must be aware of this layer also ask you questions. If temperature is not too high, can guarantee its safety factor.

2。 Pay attention to timing to maintenance maintenance batteries, the problem is found in time

pay attention to maintenance of the battery in time. Nowadays li-ion battery protective plate has a corresponding maintenance function module, can improve the battery life. When using this kind of situation, we must pay attention to a few small problems, if once found abnormal battery, you must carry out repair. If there is no maintenance to ensure the safety of everyone, or immediately to carry out the demolition. Don't at a loss to do, the damage is big, we must carry out maintenance regularly, there is a problem in as early as possible.

3。 Prohibit tear open outfit, because you are not a professional, if you know the conversion that when I didn't say

disassembling is prohibited. If you have already bought a suitable lithium battery pack pack, then don't again tear open outfit, especially can make rechargeable battery not be hit or close to the fire. Like this do basic it is very dangerous, even if such activities of the implementation of the project does not produce risk, can also lead to rechargeable batteries using degree of safety accidents, therefore it is not recommended in the disassembly. If your lithium battery pack must be lost, at the same time also want to make a relative solutions, may not be immediately thrown in. In the end, the lithium ion power is still a huge environmental pollution, if you will turn into a dangerous accident, so we must be careful. Disused battery into the recovery site, can also be very good maintenance of the natural environment.

4。 Polymer lithium battery pack suddenly becomes short range

battery soon after when the electricity use, because of such conditions are: the battery does not charge electricity; Large difference of single series voltage capacity; Micro battery short circuit or battery self-discharge big lead to just charge the battery pack more power is consumed. According to the above bad for secondary battery charging or replace bad batteries to deal with.

5。 Battery low voltage

the whole voltage of battery pack only half of the nominal voltage or load voltage, this kind of situation usually appeared on the battery was assembled, a reason for the battery connection error is negative wrong or individual batteries are not fully connected; If it is normal but let stand after battery charge electricity or using low voltage immediately after a period of time, this kind of situation could be the battery self-discharge very or micro battery has a short circuit condition. Low nominal voltage or load voltage must be correct connection.

6。 Battery in use process without rhyme or reason to stop work

the battery pack in use process stops working for no reason, and is likely to cause the battery electric were done, and to protect the board or the lowest standard threshold voltage of the controller, protective plate or the controller to stop work; Or the continuous working current is too large, Such as electric vehicles in the load when starting or climbing a hill) Over protective plate design protection current or constant current controller make the protection board or controller to stop working, this will make the battery stopped working without rhyme or reason.

when the polymer long time need not, don't forget to charge once a month

nimh battery storage process should not be used. Power shortage represents a battery charging will not immediately after application. In the absence of battery and rechargeable batteries, are more likely to be potassium thiocyanate, crystal adhesive on the electrode plates, blocking ion channels, cause insufficient battery, battery capacity reduced. The longer the idle time, the more serious the cell damage. So, if you don't use rechargeable batteries, should charge once a month, to keep the battery health.

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