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Lithium polymer battery overcharge causes

by:dcfpower     2021-03-22
When lithium polymer batteries are used in mobile phones, laptops, etc., in order to prevent overcharging, devices are often used to monitor the battery charging status. Its function is to stop charging immediately if an abnormality is found. Therefore, the lithium polymer battery charged by this type of machine will not be overcharged. Lithium polymer batteries used in model cars are required to be lighter in terms of the environment in which they are used. Therefore, a substrate with the above-mentioned functions is not installed on the battery, but on the charger. Lithium polymer batteries used in model cars, etc. have various capacities (amount of current that can be used per unit time, unit: mAh), charge and discharge allowable capacity (unit: CmA, C) and other different products according to the battery configuration, so they may be changed The corresponding charger settings, or use special chargers for various batteries. Otherwise, the functions attached to the charger will not work, and sometimes overcharging is inevitable. In addition, please note that there are no combustibles around when charging, and put it in a special non-combustible bag. At the same time, check frequently throughout the charging process to prevent abnormal conditions such as heating and swelling of the battery. If you ignore these problems that should be paid attention to when charging, It will overcharge and catch fire. (1) When charging the lithium polymer battery as a nickel-chromium battery (Ni-MH rechargeable battery). When the nickel-cadmium battery is fully charged, a unique voltage change will occur. The battery detects this Change, that is, stop charging. The lithium polymer battery does not have this function, so it is easy to overcharge. (2) When the voltage of each battery constituting the lithium polymer battery is unbalanced and the charging setting is not appropriate. The lithium polymer battery It is a combination of several batteries. Due to long-term use or different conditions, the voltage balance of each battery may sometimes be different. In order to improve this state, prepare to observe the charging status of each battery and indicate that each battery is fully charged. We call this charging method as balanced charging. When charging lithium polymer batteries with different battery voltages, if the balanced charging is not done, the arranged batteries will be observed as a whole, even if the overall voltage is normal , One of the single batteries will also be overcharged. (3) When charging with incorrect settings. The number of charged lithium polymer batteries and the charging method 'voltage' and current will be overcharged when the current is incorrect.u003c/p u003e
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