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Measures to prevent lithium battery fires

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12

The development of modern lithium batteries has made the current aerial vehicles widely used. We have never before in such a small and lightweight battery to get as much power as possible to drive the aircraft. We must know to prevent the damage caused by the fire! I believe that the fire risk can be reduced to the point where it is no longer a concern.

If you have a tattu lithium battery pack, you might think that you have the best lithium battery, but even those may be a fire hazard!

First, carefully check each battery line connection you have made or will establish to ensure that the battery line is connected correctly! Make sure that the positive lead is only connected to the positive lead, and the negative lead is connected to the negative lead, positive to positive and negative to negative.

This may sound basic, but errors can happen! If the positive and negative polarity is reversed, it will cause a short circuit, then the lithium battery will burn! The other most common situation in which a fire can occur is during the charging of lithium batteries. Only use a charger specifically designed to charge lithium batteries, and do not use other chargers to charge lithium batteries. If your battery comes with a charger, then you may be fine. Just make sure that any switch is in the correct position and read the instructions for use.

If you want no loss, it is a good idea to use a lithium battery fire-proof and explosion-proof bag. During charging, put the battery in the belt. If the fire does start, then it can be stopped without causing any damage to the property.

The Grignard lithium battery pack explosion-proof box is a very good fireproof lithium battery box. If the battery is in fire, it will be flame-retardant, so there will be no loss. There are other types of fire-proof and explosion-proof boxes, but I think this is still possible.

To sum up, to prevent lithium battery fires and to prevent fire damage caused by lithium batteries, we must prevent battery short-circuits and take fire protection measures, which is imperative.

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