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Medical instrument lithium battery custom manufacturer

by:dcfpower     2021-03-13

As the core energy supply device for wireless medical equipment, lithium batteries for medical equipment are self-evident in terms of safety and reliability. As a professional manufacturer of customized lithium batteries for medical instruments, batteries always adhere to the primary principle of product performance and quality, and provide customers with safe and reliable high-quality battery products.

There are many kinds of lithium batteries for medical equipment, mainly according to the actual needs of medical equipment and equipment to customize suitable lithium batteries, these include several aspects:

1. In terms of the types of lithium batteries for medical equipment, there are mainly ordinary lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and high-performance polymer lithium batteries. Which type of lithium battery pack to use depends mainly on the comparison of medical equipment to lithium batteries. What is the performance requirement?

2. In terms of the discharge performance of lithium batteries for medical equipment, there are conventional discharge batteries, high-rate discharge batteries, low-temperature batteries, etc., which are also customized batteries for electronic medical equipment for specific applications.

3. In terms of the shape of lithium batteries for medical equipment, there are mainly three types of cylindrical steel shell lithium batteries, square aluminum shell lithium batteries and soft pack lithium batteries. The first two types are due to the fixed shape of the battery cell. , So there are not many electronic medical instruments that are applicable. The soft-pack lithium battery pack is different. The shape can be diversified and customized, and it can be applied to most medical instruments.

Batteries of customized manufacturers of lithium batteries for medical equipment are mainly soft-packed lithium batteries, including soft-packed lithium iron phosphate batteries and soft-packed polymer lithium batteries. These two types of lithium batteries also include In addition to conventional batteries, low-temperature batteries, and high-rate batteries, customized services can be provided according to customers' comprehensive actual needs for medical equipment lithium batteries.

The following is a product picture of various shapes of lithium batteries for some medical equipment:

The above is a sample picture of lithium batteries for medical equipment, which contains a circle Lithium batteries of various shapes such as shape, arc, polygon, etc., can be customized according to the design of medical equipment battery compartment space, which allows medical equipment to have more free space in design, and makes products more suitable for practical applications. Claim.

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