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Medical instrument lithium battery, the characteristics of medical instruments lithium battery manufacturer which is good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-13

medical equipment lithium battery pack characteristics:

1. Safety performance is good, battery structure characteristics choose aluminum plastic flexible packaging, medical equipment is different from liquid metal case of the battery, if in the event of safe hidden trouble, easy explosion of liquid battery, and medical instruments the battery will only at most gas drum.

2。 Large capacity, the medical instrument the size of the battery is the same high 10 - steel shell of the battery capacity 15%, relatively high aluminum battery 5 - 10%.

3。 Small internal resistance, through the special design, both can significantly reduce the resistance of the battery, the battery of large current discharge performance will be greatly increased.

medical instrument lithium battery manufacturer which good

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shenzhen polymer batteries, lithium battery characteristics of soft packages

shenzhen commonly used polymer lithium battery discharging with large current, high reliability, high capacity, high security, long cycle life, low self-discharge, such characteristics as high energy density, in the midst of this polymer batteries, lithium battery pack has the following characteristics: soft packages

1, with large discharge current, excellent performance, explosive force, the platform of discharge is high and good cycle life

2, high energy density, selects the winding process, because of the small internal resistance, more conducive to the rate of charge and discharge, high efficiency output performance

3, higher discharge rate, as high as 45 c. Instantaneous velocity discharge up to 150 c

4, super-thin CPT characteristics, batteries, small volume, light weight, can be made into various shapes and style differences in battery capacity, the minimum thickness of 0. 4毫米

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