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Method of measuring battery quality

by:dcfpower     2021-03-25

The pros and cons of a battery are usually judged according to the electromotive force of the battery and the size of its internal resistance; the electromotive force refers to the potential difference between the positive and negative electrodes in the case of an open circuit outside the battery. Internal resistance refers to the internal resistance of the battery when it is charged and discharged. While charging the battery. The battery voltage rises quickly, and when the battery is discharged, the terminal voltage drops quickly, which means that the internal resistance of the battery is large, and its capacity is small. It is a bad battery; in addition, the electromotive force of the battery (both ends floating) is normal, but If it is measured with a battery capacity test meter, it is very small or zero, then the inner pole of the battery falls off, and the battery is a scrap battery.

1. Judging from the appearance

Observe whether the appearance is deformed, protruding, leaking, ruptured, scorched, and whether there is oxide seepage at the screw connection.

2. Load measurement

If the appearance is normal, the UPS works in battery mode with a certain amount of load. If the discharge time is significantly shorter than the normal discharge time, charge for 8 hours In the future, the normal standby time cannot be restored, and the battery is judged to be aging.

3. Multimeter measurement:

1) Measurement in battery discharge mode: measure the voltage of each battery terminal in the battery pack, if one or more of the battery terminal voltages are significantly higher or lower Based on the nominal voltage (nominal voltage 12V/cell), judge the battery aging.

2) Measurement in the mains mode: the charging voltage of each battery terminal in the battery pack, if the charging voltage of one or more of the batteries is significantly higher or lower than other voltages, the battery is judged to be aging.

3) Measure the total voltage of the battery pack: the total voltage of the battery pack is obviously lower than the nominal value (take the nominal value of the C1K battery pack as an example), and it cannot return to the normal value after 8 hours of charging , Even if it returns to the normal value, the discharge time does not reach the normal discharge time, and the battery is judged to be aging.

How to measure the quality of the battery

4. Instrument testing

Generally, the battery discharge tester is used, and the two positive and negative measuring clamps of the tester are respectively clamped to the battery For positive and negative electrodes, press the test button and observe the indication of the test instrument:

1) If the instrument indicates a voltage above 9V, the battery is in good condition.

2) If it is lower than 9V but the pointer remains at a certain value, it means that the battery is in a state of power loss and needs to be recharged.

3) If the pointer drops slowly, it means there is a short circuit inside the battery.

4) The pointer quickly drops to 0V, indicating that there is an open circuit inside the battery.

5. Empirical method

Observe whether the battery electrolyte is turbid. The turbidity indicates that the positive plate of the battery is softened. Observe whether there is sediment at the bottom of the battery. If there is, it indicates that the battery capacity is insufficient when the plate is off. Knock the two electrode piles of the battery with your hands. If you hear the sound of cavities, it means that the pile and the plate are broken. Use a thick wire to short-circuit the positive and negative poles to observe the filling holes of the battery. If bubbles are found in a compartment, it means that the compartment is damaged.

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