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Military ternary polymer lithium battery manufacturers

by:dcfpower     2020-11-04

military use lithium battery as a power plant, in recent years, electronic products are widely used in the arms equipment instrument, landing craft, torpedo, small unmanned aircraft, and other areas of the industry, has a good performance, become particularly important motivation of military technology. Shenzhen focus battery development, production, processing and manufacturing for many years, in a variety of special military application with lithium polymer batteries the development and production processing manufacturing deep for many years, with many special military industry with the development and production manufacturer with strategic partners, for they give different application fields of special military employing the battery in the development of the application of a custom fit.

in recent years, in many countries in the world will be as a new type of lithium battery cells and non-traditional security, a new type of lithium battery, with numerous characteristics in handheld electronics equipment instrument applications show that the irreplaceable competitive advantage. Affects the steady development of new energy technology, is becoming more and more strong, the production cost of batteries are also greatly reduced, affects the improvement of the market share of lithium battery in the consumer electronics factory production and processing equipment, and gradually build the leading role, and in the airline and aerospace engineering, ocean voyage, artificial earth satellites and military communications equipment and transport industry applications received, the progress of lithium battery pack technology not only will promote the steady development of the 3 c product rate, will also promote the steady development of national defense and telecommunications technology.

in recent years, lithium ion batteries are widely used in the arms, landing craft, small unmanned aircraft, air-to-air combat system software four axis plane and so on military technology. Special military batteries, can be divided into the high temperature, low temperature special military batteries, explosion-proof military batteries, high ratio of special military batteries, etc. , the key still should see special military industry with specific tasks. In general, special military in low temperature environment to work with application of batteries mostly low temperature lithium polymer batteries, military battery mainly used with eod arms with high temperature and explosion-proof type batteries, etc.

but the actual applied nowadays normalized as a special military use is popular with everybody, these special military use most of the application of conventional nickel metal hydride batteries and polymer battery, because these two kinds of special military batteries from the economic benefit is the best choice.

military lithium batteries

the lithium battery has the following competitive advantages in terms of defense science, technology and safety. High output power. voltage is equal to the three typical battery charging and discharging work requirements. High energy it is 2 - batteries Three times, volume is small, weight is lighter. The circulatory system has a longer service life. Reduce the risks of the project cost. There is no air pollution. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals than standard, it is clean energy. No memory. To random quick charge batteries, especially in the fighting and emergency cases show that excellent performance indicators. Low maintenance rate. In general, in the upcoming war, there is no need to hold all the protection and reduce the burden of logistics management. In addition, it has the advantages of high safety performance, wide working temperature.

shenzhen battery as the overall level of strong military battery manufacturer of lithium battery pack manufacturer, can provide customers with batteries + BMS + integrated structural design of customized services, from the special requirements of batteries feature configuration, production, processing and manufacturing, and then to design manufacturing suitable application fields of BMS, followed by the structure design of the battery PACK at the end of the battery PACK, is completely independent, security quality of battery, used to reassure customers to purchase.

Nowadays, the adoption of custom lithium ion battery in custom battery pack manufacturers industry is quite common.
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