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Mobile phone charging treasure good or lithium polymer battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-01

charging treasure is good and lithium polymer batteries? On cost, polymer battery will be more expensive. And 18650 type rechargeable batteries standardization, the cost is relatively low. Normally charge mobile phone charging treasure, treasure will use these two styles of rechargeable batteries, is a kind of lithium battery, another one is a lithium polymer battery. Charging treasure are able to attach great importance to by people, is because of its are playing an increasingly important role in real life. Mobile phone automatically shut down, would have become a lot of people fear one thing, this is because the city fast rhythm of life and the lives of high working pressure, make the influence of the touch screen mobile phone is becoming more and more high, and provided an important backup power for touch screen mobile phone charging treasure will be increasingly important. That mobile phone charging treasure good or lithium polymer battery good we take a look at!

charging treasure, action power supply, charger, Line power, charger, mobile phone charging treasure, urine bag, dad; English words: Powerbank) Is a kind of itself can be easily carried, itself can reserve power, the key for the portable mobile terminals and other consumer electronic equipment ( Such as wireless fixed-line, laptop) Charge the portable charger, special application in place without external power supply. Its key components include: rechargeable batteries as energy storage, stable output voltage circuit ( Dc - Dc converter) , most of the action power with the charger, use as the built-in battery.

phone charging treasure good or lithium batteries with lithium polymer batteries?

phone charging treasure better with lithium polymer batteries. Lithium polymer lithium battery is lithium ion battery upgrading products, relative to the popular now lithium-ion batteries, has the advantages of large capacity, small volume, safety. But the price is more expensive.

polymer battery compared to the lithium battery characteristics are as follows:

1. From inside the polymer lithium battery pack design, a design variable Ren He polymer battery, for motor vehicles, battery assembly soft package, to enhance space of mobile phone charging treasure, at the same time, polymer battery assembly position is not affected by the influence of the structure type of mobile phone charging treasure

2. Very thin, small floor space, polymer battery can do rechargeable batteries are thinner, rechargeable batteries is relatively high, the whole operation flexibility and fit for mobile phone charging treasure, in such aspects as design concept has a lot of temptation.

3。 High safety factor, polymer lithium battery pack structure type choose aluminum-plastic film packaging, aluminum film encapsulates the biggest competitive advantage is have certain soft soft, when the rechargeable battery safety problem, polymer battery ordinary gills craze, inside the liquid leaked out, and won't cause gas emissions do not go out, in turn, cause an explosion fire conditions.

4。 Volume is small, weight is lighter, soft package polymer lithium battery inside the volume, lighter weight, large volume, small internal resistance, at the same time undertake designing idea spirit characteristics begin to render its competitive advantage, highlighting.

5。 Using a wide scope of application, compared to lithium batteries has a strong competitive advantage

6. 。 The internal resistance of the polymer lithium batteries is less than liquid batteries, the current domestic internal resistance of the polymer batteries can even do below 35 m Ω, greatly reduced the power consumption of rechargeable batteries, extend the standby time of mobile phone, fully in line with international standards can be implemented.

polymer battery advantages:

the most mature and perfect, the most stable polymer batteries, widely used in electronic equipment. With a long cycle use, cycle life can reach more than five hundred times normal use, is two times more than ordinary rechargeable batteries. No explosion, burning; Non-toxic, green environmental protection, through the RoHS certification brand; All kinds of safety performance one pace reachs the designated position, cycles is more than five hundred times; Ultra high temperature resistant performance is good, sixty-five - degree under the condition of charging and discharging efficiency was one thousand percent. To avoid rechargeable battery short-circuit fault condition, 18650 across the electrodes of lithium batteries are separated. So it happened again fault condition would have fall into extremes. For many years, the Japanese manufacturers in 18650 rechargeable battery production process accumulated a lot of practical experience, the output of 18650 rechargeable batteries consistency check, the safety coefficient are achieved very high level

lithium battery defect

1. monomer battery capacity small

the monomer will be a lot number ( In 7104 only) ModelS , but the consistency check is very good; Cascading rechargeable battery capacity is enough to do the larger ( Ah 20 to 60 ah) , number of monomer is enough to reduce, but poor consistency check. After may still security beyond the nimh batteries.

2。 Poor safety factor

we know that the lithium ion battery in extreme circumstances ( Such as overcharge, high temperature, etc. ) , it will happen again strong chemical reaction, cause a lot of gas. 18650 rechargeable batteries are using a metal case, have certain compressive strength, when the inside air pressure to realize a certain steel shell will split exploded, very terrorist safe production accident again.

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