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Mobile power charging treasure what battery good and durable

by:dcfpower     2020-11-18

the? Most of them are on the market now is sealed, batteries, sealed battery has become the mainstream. Combined with smart phones have now become an integral part of our daily life, so there is a charge mobile power supply is especially important. When we buy mobile power charging treasure requires attention! Now counterfeit inferior, a charge or quite a bit of a do not pay attention to quality is bad to use fake batteries will be an explosion. The mobile power charging treasure what battery good and durable, next we come to Chou Chou.

the following is the use of lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and 18650 and polymer lithium battery carry on comparative analysis to the three major common battery, we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages between them! To their advantage characteristics is a good and durable mobile power charging treasure battery

the lithium iron phosphate battery

the lithium iron phosphate battery refers to the use of lithium iron phosphate as the anode material of lithium ion battery, is the product of electric cars rise out the development trend of, in terms of safety, and life has a very good output type battery power.

the advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery

a than lithium battery safety performance, greater than ordinary batteries store energy, and little damage to the environment. No memory effect can be convenient we can recharge at any time. It doesn't have to be a trouble don't need to put the electricity in the battery. Can be widely used in electric cars and solar energy storage battery, led lawn lamp and so on can use in electric.

the disadvantage of the lithium iron phosphate battery

low temperature performance is poor, which is resistant to low temperature. In cold places the capacity of the battery performance will become worse, and may not be able to drive. Lithium iron phosphate battery volume than polymer lithium ion battery, more expensive cost and low yield.

polymer battery

there are some rechargeable batteries, treasure for polymer lithium-ion batteries, polymer batteries, battery compared to before, is a kind of chemical properties on the battery, the shape can change at will change to customize according to customer's requirements. Made into different shapes and capacity of the battery.

the advantages of polymer lithium battery

high safety coefficient, because he is very stable chemical properties and protective plate fixed outside, so it will be an explosion accident is fairly small, so to speak. Shape is quite strong, ultra-thin design light weight and large capacity. Most of batteries used in mobile phones, laptops, portable electronic devices.

the disadvantage of polymer battery

if the charging time is too long, the inflation will likely increase the gas drum phenomenon will appear. Battery production cost is higher, the imagination of environmental pollution by discarded waste batteries will appear.

18650 lithium batteries

most rechargeable batteries of 18650 treasure lithium battery, its meaning is the size of the battery models for 18650, its shape like a bigger version of 5 batteries, and 18650 size models of batteries in general more industry.

18650 lithium batteries advantages:

large capacity and series or transmitte synthesis 18650 lithium battery pack pack, service life is more than twice that of the ordinary batteries, wide range of applications. General and can be used in high-grade strong light flashlight, rechargeable treasure, wireless data transmission and so on.

18650 lithium battery pack weakness:

fixed size constant volume, unable to meet the demand of the shape of a specific product. Relative to lithium polymer batteries, poor security, are more likely to short-circuit or explosion.

good mobile power charging treasure what battery durable life long

appears above the three major cell types of contrast, your in the mind is not the number? I believe that your heart has a very clear answer. For you to choose rechargeable lithium battery, of course, is the treasure to choose safe to use it. In the aspect of safety performance from 8650 lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, polymer battery these three considerations, of course, is that the choice of polymer lithium battery. If you want to economical point that the choice of the lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries on performance and security are superior to the polymer lithium battery and lithium battery, 18650 and has the absolute advantage of long life, the only fly in the ointment is larger.

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