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Model size - of nimh batteries Shenzhen battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-08

if you want to know the type size of nimh batteries, must from the nimh battery types, specifications and size's point of view. Nimh batteries most some specifications are typically have A, AA, 3 A, 3 AA, AAAAA, FD, D, F, civilian to AA batteries, battery 5 7 for AAA battery, nickel metal hydride battery capacitor can also than the same size the size of two to three times larger nickel cadmium battery, and battery memory effect. Well said today, type size of nimh batteries.

the size of nickel metal hydride batteries models

1. AA is 5 guys usually says nimh batteries, usually under the condition of size specifications for: 14 mm in diameter, mm) Absolute height, 49 mm ( mm) ;

2。 3 a crowd is usually 7 nimh batteries, general is under the condition of size specifications for: 11 mm in diameter, absolute height 44 mm ( mm) 。

AA type nickel metal hydride batteries and 3 a type battery size specifications specifications

1. 3 a type nickel metal hydride batteries are relatively common, usually under the condition of Mp3 are AAA batteries, the specification of 3 a ( Flat head) Battery absolute height 43. 6± 0. 5 mm, diameter of 10. 1± 0. 2mm。

2。 AA nimh battery model is more obvious, digital cameras, electric toy car involves a AA battery, the standard of AA ( Flat head) Battery absolute height 48. 0± 0. 5 mm, diameter of 14. 1± 0. 2mm。

the characteristics of the nickel metal hydride batteries:

1, wide application range

a lot of application in: electric power meter, mechanical automation, engineering surveying instrument model aircraft, remote control cars, remote control, aircraft, ship, emergency lights, solar lawn lamp on

2, long service life; Can reach thousands of times.

3, sealed, less maintenance, can also be used for a long time.

4, low self-discharge rate

low self-discharge shows that the improved nimh batteries great extent eased the short circuit ( Self-discharge) Condition, in about a year or two later time may maintain considerable power, increase the service life of the battery.

the disadvantage of nimh batteries

1. Self-discharge very good, can cause substantial decrease in battery capacity.

but the disadvantage is that the true sense self-discharge is very big. Self-discharge, often referred to as even if the battery is not used after charging, the battery itself will greatly reduce the volume of the situation. So, if you have the courage to try in long time use nimh batteries, and are likely to use it after a long period of time, you will most likely experience the only half of the volume.

2。 Less than nickel cadmium, slightly a little memory effect.

memory effect. If you are in, it does not completely discharge and recharge it, there may reduce the volume of the battery.

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