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Motherboard battery how long in time, notebook motherboard battery replacement method

by:dcfpower     2020-12-09

from computer notebooks come out the moment, about how long the battery in a mainboard, notebook motherboard battery replacement method has been all about constantly, this is because use persistence is one of the laptop computer is very important technical indicators, and battery capacity determines the notebook computer is an important indicator. But consumers know where to buy a computer motherboard, in computer motherboard above have the size of a button battery, usually all of them are located in computer motherboard PCIE around the graphics card slot, and that a battery can be removed. So today how often do you know about the motherboard battery in, notebook motherboard battery replacement method.

what is the motherboard battery

motherboard battery is suitable for the record query time of computer system, which is to ensure the accuracy of the system clock, lack of electricity consumption, time will return to the date of production, in addition to record query starts to use the hardware information, also is to ensure that CMOS BIOS information.

how long is the motherboard battery in a

if we often use normally condition to change the time at least 1 year. This is because the computer motherboard automatically after the electricity to recharge the battery, if sit idle more than 1 year BIOS information will revert to the default. Actually don't need to change, will start automatically and charging, if the battery really appear problem, more than one year in a can, usually don't have to change.

another way to see what other time change motherboard battery, COMS battery normally can be used for a long time, everything is all right for many years, you only copy to find out the computer motherboard BIOS cannot save Settings, or every time time is best to start the system back to a fixed period of time, it shows that, this one battery fast low knowledge, to change, or do you use digital multimeter, measure and whenever this reduced to 3 v, a battery, is about to change.

laptop motherboard battery replacement method

1, the first: first to buy a new computer motherboard BIOS battery, special attention to the battery on the computer with you is the same specifications.

2, turning off the power of the computer. Open the chassis lid, will see a circle of the battery. A diameter of about one point five 2 o 'clock 0 CM, the battery out and each kind of computer motherboard battery is different, therefore determining the battery is also different.

3, will the old battery, install new batteries, pay special attention to don't put the motherboard battery, the back side is toward their own.

4 what card, the card dead, don't get motherboard battery loose, then close the back cover to the PC host, use the screwdriver twist screws.

5, notebook motherboard battery replacement method, here was completed, pay special attention to shut down the computer notebook during operation.

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