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Networked fast charging system for large-capacity nickel-cadmium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-14
The large-capacity nickel-cadmium battery networked fast charging system uses the pulse charging method to quickly charge the battery, connects multiple charging terminals with the computer through the field bus, and uses the computer to perform real-time real-time monitoring of the voltage, current, capacity, and temperature of each battery. Monitoring and control, the measured data is stored by the computer for subsequent management. The system consists of a monitoring computer, a CAN bus, a terminal charging device, and a large-capacity nickel-cadmium battery pack. The terminal charging device is responsible for the fast charging and safe charging management of a single battery pack, and the real-time status data of the battery during the charging process through the field bus Send to the computer, which is stored and managed by the computer. The computer can transmit these data to the remote management personnel through the Internet network to realize remote monitoring. The main technological innovations of this project are as follows: u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e 1. The pulse charging method is adopted. That is, superimpose short-time deep discharge pulses in the process of high-current fast charging to eliminate battery polarization, which can increase the fast charging current and shorten the charging time. The actual charging time is not more than 3 hours, and the fast charging is achieved. 2. The intensity and width of the discharge pulse in the fast pulse charging waveform have been adjusted to reduce the discharge current value and increase the discharge pulse width. While meeting the requirement of fast charging, the reliability of the system is improved and reliable charging is achieved. 3. The use of SCM intelligent control technology. Due to the use of the single-chip microcomputer, the charging control of the battery is more accurate and convenient. The system can complete charging, discharging, and voltage stabilization functions. It can adapt to a variety of batteries and achieve intelligent charging. 4. The latest switching power supply technology is used. VICOR's latest second-generation card-type DC/DC module is used in a large-capacity nickel-cadmium battery charging device, which not only reduces the volume of the entire device, reduces the weight, and improves the efficiency of the system. 5. Unattended safe charging technology. When the battery is fully charged, the terminal charging device can automatically stop charging output. 6. Using fieldbus technology. The CAN bus technology is used in the communication between the computer and the terminal charging device, which greatly reduces the interconnection between the system modules, reduces the difficulty of system installation and maintenance, and improves the system's reliability and trouble-free working time. 7. Using capacity online real-time calculation technology. The terminal charging device calculates the capacity of the battery while charging the battery. The computer can read the capacity value in real time through the field bus. 8. The system parameters can be used for networked fast charging of large-capacity nickel-cadmium batteries with a variety of specifications below 13AH with a slight modification. The equipment has strong adaptability and broad application prospects. Nickel-cadmium batteries have excellent low-temperature discharge performance and high-current charge and discharge capabilities, so they have been widely used in military industry, aerospace industry, scientific research and other fields. The market demand for high-voltage, high-current cylindrical sealed nickel-cadmium battery packs is increasing. The more it is, the more supporting charging equipment is needed. The high-capacity nickel-cadmium battery networked fast charging system uses pulse fast charging technology. It can be used for high-current fast charging, while superimposing short-term deep discharge pulses during the charging process to eliminate battery polarization, which can also increase the actual service life of the battery pack, so it is very suitable for large-capacity nickel-cadmium batteries below 13AH Fast and safe charging. The large-capacity nickel-cadmium battery networked fast charging system connects multiple charging terminals with a computer through a field bus, and uses the computer to monitor and control the voltage, current, capacity, and temperature of each group of batteries in real time. The measured data is provided by the computer. Store it for future management. The high-capacity nickel-cadmium battery networked fast charging system is a charging and discharging device developed for a certain military technological transformation project. Its excellent technical performance makes it reliable and fixed users. At the same time, because large-capacity nickel-cadmium battery packs below 13AH also have many applications in aviation, geological exploration, scientific research and other fields, the promotion and application of large-capacity nickel-cadmium battery networked fast charging systems have obvious military and social benefits, so the market prospects broad. u003c/pu003e
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