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New low temperature resistant lithium battery with minus 60℃

by:dcfpower     2021-03-15

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have successfully developed a low-temperature lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion power battery that can maintain performance at room temperature at a low temperature of minus 60°C. At present, the types of low-temperature batteries that can be put on the market mainly include low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries and polymer low-temperature lithium batteries. These two types of low-temperature battery technologies are relatively mature.

The lithium battery pack can operate at temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees Celsius and has excellent performance. In contrast, current lithium ion batteries stop at -20 degrees Celsius jobs. The new electrolyte also enables electrochemical capacitors to operate at low temperatures of -80 degrees Celsius, and their current low temperature limit is -40 degrees Celsius. Although this technology can achieve extremely low temperature operation, it can still maintain high performance at room temperature. New electrolyte chemistries can also increase energy density and improve the safety of lithium batteries and electrochemical capacitors. This battery can also allow electric vehicles in cold climates to travel further on a single charge, reducing the distance anxiety in winter in places such as local (Boston). The technology can also be used to power aircraft in extreme cold conditions, such as drones and weather balloons, satellites, interplanetary probes and other aerospace applications.

The batteries and electrochemical capacitors developed by the researchers are particularly resistant to cold because their electrolytes are made of liquefied gas solvents. The gas liquefied under medium pressure is more resistant to freezing than standard liquid electrolytes. The new lithium battery pack electrolyte is made of liquefied fluoromethane gas. Use liquefied difluoromethane gas to prepare electrochemical capacitor electrolyte. 'Deep decarbonization depends on breakthroughs in energy storage technology. Better batteries are needed to make electric vehicles with improved cost performance. Once the temperature range of batteries, supercapacitors and their hybrid batteries is expanded, these electrochemical energy storage technologies can be used in Adopted in more emerging markets. This is a very good project. The success of this non-traditional method can inspire more scientists and researchers to explore unknown areas in this research field. 'The University of California San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering Said Shirley Meng, professor of nanoengineering.

Characteristics of low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery:

Adopt superposition technology, low internal resistance;

Excellent low-temperature performance: discharge at 0.5C at -40℃, discharge capacity exceeds initial capacity 65%; discharge at 0.3C at -35℃, the discharge capacity exceeds 75% of the initial capacity;

Wide operating temperature range, -40℃ to 55℃;

Charge at -20℃;

Use lithium iron phosphate chemical substance, high safety and long cycle life;

The size is flexible, and the size and shape of the battery can be changed according to customer needs design.

Discharge at different C rates at room temperature 25℃. From 1c to 3c, we can provide almost 100% discharge capacity; even if the battery is discharged at 10c, we can still provide 85% discharge capacity and maintain high discharge efficiency.

The cycle test curve of Grepow low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery discharged at 0.2c at -20℃, after 300 cycles, there is still a capacity retention rate of more than 93%.

The discharge curve of Grepow low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery at different temperatures, which can be discharged at -40℃ to 55℃.

The Grepow low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery has a 0.5C discharge cycle test curve at 25°C. It can be seen that after 2500 cycles, there is still a capacity retention rate of more than 80%.

Characteristics of low-temperature lithium battery:

Grepow special-shaped low-temperature battery can effectively improve the discharge performance of the battery in a low-temperature environment, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and achieve the effect of high-speed discharge. Therefore, its battery life is longer and the power is stronger. At low temperature, discharge at 0.2c at -30°C, the discharge capacity of Grepow's low-temperature battery still exceeds 80%. This is also one of Grepow's core technologies and has the following advantages:

Low-temperature discharge performance is high, the minimum discharge is 0.2c at -40℃, and the efficiency is more than 80%; at -30℃, the discharge capacity is 85% with 0.2c discharge;

Wide operating temperature range, -40°C to 50°C;

Excellent low-temperature cycle performance, 0.2c charge and discharge at -30°C, the capacity remains above 85% after 300 cycles;

High safety performance, passed UL/CE/UN certification;

The size is flexible, and can be designed and customized in size and shape according to customer needs;

It has the capacity of mass production, battery Good consistency;

It can generate large current at -40℃ and maintain large capacity;

It can still maintain its excellent performance under -40℃ working environment;


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