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Nickel metal hydride batteries and power lithium battery, which is good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-19

at present, in the direction of the electric car dynamic target, and the fact that there are two key insights. Category views think nimh battery technology mature and perfect, a longer period of time in the future will still be the mainstream of the electric vehicle power products. Another view think, lithium battery pack technology progress and the comprehensive advantages compared to other battery there is no way. service life is longer, no memory effect, fast, high energy, high voltage rating, weight is relatively light, does not contain lithium metal, high and low temperature scope is stronger. safety performance is weak, however, is more expensive in price and high production conditions, need special protection circuit around the battery overcharge and over discharge. That today we compared to the nimh battery and power lithium battery, which is good.

1。 The total weight of nickel metal hydride batteries and power lithium batteries of

to each unit in terms of the battery voltage, nickel metal hydride is 1. 2 v, and lithium battery is 3. 6 v, lithium battery voltage is 3 times as much. The total weight of the same type battery lithium batteries far lighter than nimh batteries. Can know, each battery, in fact, the total weight is different, but the lithium battery for 3. High voltage 6 v, under the condition of the same voltage output make the number of single battery and tie-in combination can reduce the battery of a third after molding, and the total weight and volume. Different monomer voltage bai. Lithium ion battery voltage of du3. 7 - 4. Only 1 of 2 v, the voltage of nimh batteries. 2 v, a lithium battery pack electric capacity equivalent to three nimh batteries in series.

2。 Nickel metal hydride batteries and power lithium battery memory effect

lithium ion battery and no memory effect, can use at any time with the filling; Ni-mh battery memory effect to a certain extent, in the daily life USES best achieve full filled, in order to prevent affect battery wear. Nickel metal hydride battery memory effect. So, periodic discharge management is also required. The regular discharge management belongs to be processed in the fuzzy state, that is some discharge under the incorrect knowledge ( Every time after discharge or use a few times to discharge due to different companies vary) Such troublesome discharge management in the use of nickel metal hydride batteries when there is no way to avoid. Relative to lithium batteries for completely and no memory effect, on the use of special simple convenient and quick. How much it should ignore completely the residual voltage, can be directly can be recharged, natural can shorten the charging time.

3。 Nickel metal hydride batteries and power lithium battery self-discharge rate

the energy density is different. High energy density lithium ion battery, in 2019 the first batch of product promotion list, electric vehicle power battery energy density have been reached more than 160 wh/kg; Nickel metal hydride battery energy density is low, only 40 ~ 70 wh/kg. Therefore, under the same volume, the lithium ion battery is bigger than nimh battery capacity. Nickel metal hydride batteries for 25 ~ 35% ( Month) , lithium battery for 2 ~ 5% ( Month) 。 Thus, the nimh battery self-discharge rate than lithium battery is more than a lot. Charging speed is different. In view of the performance of lithium ion and lively, inside the battery move faster, so the output power is opposite bigger, faster charging, a lithium ion battery can be full of about 3 hours; And nickel metal hydride batteries speed is slow, full of generally need 1 day.

4。 Nickel metal hydride batteries and power lithium battery charging way

nimh battery and lithium battery can't overcharge resistant. So, nickel metal hydride batteries with constant current charging PICKCUT control mode in the charging voltage reaches the highest, terminate the recharging for charging mode. While the lithium battery using constant current, constant voltage charging.

5。 Nickel metal hydride batteries and the application range of the power lithium battery

nimh battery is suitable for consumer electronic equipment, remote control cars, hybrid electric vehicles, energy regeneration system, etc. ; Power lithium battery is suitable for smart phones, laptops, electric tools, storage battery back-up power, roads, street lamp, small household electrical appliances, etc. Expensive lithium-ion batteries, nickel metal hydride battery price is materially beneficial. Just, this two years the rapid price fluctuation in the lithium ion battery.

nimh batteries and power lithium battery which good

lithium battery, nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery energy density is the difference between the size of the, still use the most common batteries, lithium-ion batteries and hybrid cars use most is nimh batteries, it is not too easy to fire, so is suitable for storage battery.

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