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Nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery life, which is durable

by:dcfpower     2020-11-09

family use cases for example 3 c digital, long time ago most is 1. The 2 v, and use the nimh batteries occupied for the most part, this kind of battery is durable, safe and reliable. Lithium electricity, standard voltage in general is 3 times of nickel metal hydride, generally energy is three times up and down. This is the place of competitive advantage. Development trend of lithium electricity very rapidly over the past few years, gradually filled with most areas, the power of the new development in general is the lithium electricity. has various varieties and changes are most, the product specification is also very much. Today we talk about nimh battery and lithium battery life, which is durable.

nimh battery and lithium battery life which is durable

in our professional battery manufacturer, in fact, we already know the answer here, we also know this answer, the good life is more durable: lithium battery pack. high voltage platform: a single battery voltage to an average of 3. 7 v or 3. 2 v, is approximately equal to three nickel cadmium battery or nickel metal hydride batteries in series voltage, to constitute a battery power pack; service life relatively longer, can be done in the service life of six years or more, lithium iron phosphate for positive cells in 1 cdod charged, you can also use the record of 1000; Have high power capacity, in the electric car with lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery can also be 15 The ability to charge and discharge 30 c.

on the kinetic energy: for example, energy storage and new energy vehicles. This domain on lithium battery too have a competitive advantage, lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, lithium titanate, etc. Basically occupies 95% of the market. Toyota is still consistent with nickel metal hydride, hybrid, a year in sales of more than ten cars, follow the vehicle sales proportion, the nimh accounted for a big, but follow the number, the total energy is still not too much. You say durable, no it a durable kinetic energy field. Down the same conditions, the nimh will be more durable, also won't fire explosion risk; But nimh volume is big, the weight is heavy, most likely will not choose when choose.

lithium ion secondary battery production and sales volume is slowly than nimh batteries. This kind of battery discharge little self, and no memory effect, charge and discharge times of up to six hundred times or more, especially Li - was developed in recent years Polymer lithium Polymer batteries, in addition to a smaller, also without being limited by the general battery circular or square appearance, the weight is lighter. for not too full charge, if used carelessly are in danger of explosion, therefore need a built-in control IC, prevent too full charge, but the cost is also relatively improve a lot. Considering the specification is not unified, lithium-ion batteries will therefore organic buy batteries after production. But so far have continued to improve a lot.

hydride and lithium-ion batteries which good?

hydride and lithium-ion batteries that is better, in fact this is also true to say, basically be to see you in what products, for example, your flat above electric bicycle out used in mobile phones, I recommend using lithium battery, considering the circulation service life is long, but in the digital SLR camera above, considering the digital SLR camera demand for power flow is very big, and power consumption more mobile phone most greatly, also in the large current output rate nimh batteries.

in recent years, increasing use nimh batteries, digital camera battery manufacturers also bullish on this one market, to promote high capacity of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, prompting the nimh battery technology rapid development, capacity is becoming more and more big, use time with matched the lithium battery, charger also becomes more and more exquisite, charging has the function of quick charge flash filling after charging time drastically reduced.

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