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Nickel metal hydride battery charger can charge lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-30

all of a sudden someone will ask: can I can nimh battery charger for lithium battery? So I will give you details if you can? As everybody knows, lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries ( NiMH) All of them are currently on the market can run into the cell. Although in main purpose, are suitable for SLR cameras and almost application fields such as computer notebook, but have different chemical properties between them. So today we look at nimh battery charger to charge lithium battery.

nimh battery chemistry:

related chemical properties: ni-mh battery is composed of hydrogen ions and nickel metal production of rechargeable batteries, battery capacity to store more than three hundred percent of the nickel cadmium battery, more light than nickel-cadmium batteries, longer service life, but also to the natural environment zhidao of green environmental protection, Cadmium can cause bone cancer and disease. Therefore gradually eliminated) 。 Nimh batteries fault is more expensive than the nickel cadmium battery, the overall performance of lithium ion batteries are poor. Ni-mh battery is the updated version of the nickel cadmium battery products, nominal voltage is right one point two ~ 1. 25 v, the same way as nickel cadmium battery, there is a memory effect, a bit better than the nickel cadmium battery. The electrolyte of potassium hydroxide ( KOH) With nickel cadmium battery is alkaline batteries.

Lithium ion battery chemistry:

related chemistry, English named Lithium Lithium, chemical symbol Li, its chemical elements table in s area, alkali metal. Atomic number 3; The relative atomic mass 6. 941. Lithium metal at 298 k for solid, its color is silvery white or grey. In the air, lithium soon fade luster. Lithium metal is very loose, low melting point, the sodium lithium alloys for nuclear reactor coolant. At about five hundred ℃ react with hydrogen, very easy to cause the lithium hydride, is the only way to generate stable enough to melt without decomposition of alkali metal hydrides, ionization energy 5. 392 electron volts, and oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc all can combine, is the only chemical reaction at room temperature with nitrogen, generate lithium nitride ( Li3N) The alkali metal. Considering the dim are susceptible to oxidation. If the lithium into sulfuric acid, so it will be floating up and down on the sulfuric acid rapidly, combustion and explosion. If the lithium mixed with potassium chlorate ( Fluctuations or grinding) , it is also possible explosive chemical reaction.

to lithium battery charging nimh battery charger?

to sum up, the second kind of need high precision for battery charger, but they involve very different between electronics equipment instrument, and lithium charger with real-time monitoring function module, and it is prohibited to use the power supply when found the problem. And the function module is ni-mh battery charger does not have, taking into account all of the lithium ion battery charger produced a variety of different voltage, current and charging time, if you do not have the right to use may cause fire explosion accident. Nickel metal hydride battery charger does not have the safety of the lithium ion batteries required function modules.

so, can't, this is because the nimh charger is a constant current power supply, lithium battery is constant voltage charging, lithium electric double festival series of maximum voltage can not exceed 8. 3 v, or if the lithium battery protection board doesn't work that lithium electricity damage caused by an explosion. Nimh battery charger for charging the lithium ion battery! Once enough for the lithium ion battery damaged! charger is the first constant current, constant voltage after charging mode.

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