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Nickel metal hydride battery charging time how to calculate

by:dcfpower     2020-11-02

nimh battery problem has always been very attention focal point, appropriate and reasonable way better batteries can also ensure the use fixed number of year of the battery. Battery when speed is the key to the percentage of battery storage capacity and charging current size. The calculation formula is: battery divided by the charging current, then & times; Constant (one point two Or 1. 1) , the unit of time for hours. Next to see the nimh battery is how to calculate, no. 5, no. 7 of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries battery charging time.

nimh battery charging time calculation

, for example: our nimh battery storage capacity is 1200 ma, battery charger charging current is 600 ma, the battery is available ( 1200mA/600mA) × One point two = 2. 4 hours, so that a piece of nimh batteries operate the battery charger battery available for 2. 4 hours. If right, is likely to be battery with the old. The calculation principle and power lithium battery pack charging time is almost the same, if not for it's most likely is the power lithium battery pack aging.

the details of the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery rechargeable battery calculation time

7 nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery when

general battery charger emblem and lively, how many mah battery charging current is slow. With such as a battery charger nimh battery six hundred mah, divided by 300 mah = 2 hours. If such as a battery charger battery 2300 mah, divided by 5, 300 mah = 8 hours. Battery chargers are usually will not be filled automatically after lights out, not to exceed twenty-four hours in all normal. Nickel metal hydride battery does not have the memory effect.

5 nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries available to distinguish

in two thousand, one thousand, five hundred, two hundred current battery

large current battery: the battery when battery * one point two = / charging current:

two hundred ma current charge 72 minutes.

1000 ma current charge for 144 minutes.

in the current battery charge: the battery when battery * 1 =. 5 / charging current:

500 ma current charging 6 hours.

small current battery: the battery when battery * 1 =. 6 / battery charging flow:

200 ma current 16 hours.

nimh batteries matters needing attention during the whole process

( 1) When the battery is being charged to pay special attention to when using the

the battery for the first time the best choice is full of 24 hours, after recharged 8 - after use 10 hours to

( 2) After filling the electricity deposit to pay special attention to

nimh batteries store takes more than 10 years, there is no problem, the best is the battery storage

( 3) Avoid a whole battery.

in circulation use fixed number of year, the whole operation process of avoid by all means a battery, this is because the battery is easy to make positive and negative thermal expansion, leading to loss of active matter and diaphragm is damaged, good conductors data network serious damage and battery ohm polarization problem such as larger.

( 4) Bad to prevent the electrolyte.

in the process of charge and discharge of nickel metal hydride battery recycling, should reduce battery hydrogen evolution. Otherwise the service life of nimh batteries will be greatly reduced.

( 5) After the battery power runs out.

nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, are & other; Memory effect & throughout; , that is, if the battery charging and discharging process also remnants of power under the state of multiple battery operation, the battery can't use soon.

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