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Nickel metal hydride battery chemistry and nimh battery charging method

by:dcfpower     2020-12-10

with the passage of time in the field of digital industry blow-up rapid and steady growth, nickel metal hydride batteries for its cost-effective, the competitive advantage of green environmental protection is becoming more and more users to chase after hold in both hands and large quantities of centralized purchasing, application field and from the Chinese traditional small home appliance product: strong light flashlight, mechanical clock, into intelligent equipment, modern and contemporary category is also become is becoming more and more widely used, when the nimh battery sufficient electricity, fast charging, if not immediately put an end to the heat of the battery and the internal structure of rapidly rising burden will be a short time. Therefore, in order to guarantee both sufficient battery, and charging, however, be sure to adjust the charge of electricity, in order to better protect our maintenance good nimh batteries generally choose to regulate, charging, charging speed three methods, follow we take a look at below nimh battery chemistry and nimh battery charging method.

nimh battery charging method

the battery charging process is usually divided into some adjustment, charging and fast charging three method

to adjust: according to the capacity of the battery and charging current, charging is very easy to determine the required time period. Such control measures are relatively simple, but considering the initial battery charging status is not the same, some battery is insufficient, some battery charging, therefore, only the charge transfer rate is less than 0. 3 c, only allowed to choose this way.

early charging: for a long time not to use or a new battery, just start to choose fast charging, interferes with the service life of the battery. Therefore, the battery need to use small current charging, charging must fully meet the conditions, this a crucial period called the charge in advance.

fast charging: is with large current charging, a short period of time to repair battery power. Fast charge transfer rate in more than 1 c, rapid filling period determined by the battery capacity and charge transfer rate.

nimh battery tips ( Instructions)

1。 Timer should be in Celsius zero to 45 degrees in the temperature range of essential stop within 15 to 16 hours.

2。 Specification: 0. 1 ca constant current power supply to the battery in the limited time.

3 or use r ca in limited time constant current power supply battery, in order to avoid the potential safety risk

nimh battery chemistry

nimh batteries first part

when the constant current had just finished filling the row of nimh battery, considering the battery internal resistance formation pressure drop, so battery voltage rapidly rising sharply, A point) 。 Since then, gradually receiving charge batteries, battery voltage at a relatively low transfer rate rising sharply. In this category, AB) between , must the transmission rate of galvanic cell reaction to form oxygen, oxygen at the same time also with the same transmission rate and hydrogen compound, therefore, the battery internal structure of heat and gas pressure is very low.

nimh battery to the second link

after must after period of time, gradually formed bubbles in the electrolyte, which some bubble converge on the sheet surface, make the pole piece of the decrease of the effective area effectively, so the battery inside the characteristic impedance increase, battery voltage and rapid gradually rising rapidly. Which is more close to enough electric signal.

nimh batteries third link

when sufficient electricity, filling the battery current can not into the battery storage, but on the positive plate to form oxygen. Oxygen is considering the electrolyte formed by electrolysis.

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