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Nickel metal hydride battery pack order process

by:dcfpower     2020-10-18

nimh battery pack order process is what look like? Don't understand or want to know this a process, be sure to remember this article of nimh battery pack order process. Here is a look at some nimh batteries order process.

nimh battery pack order process status summary:

battery order process is in accordance with the actual needs of customized products, battery order process to evaluate key combined with actual situation after detailed analysis, in accordance with company's process cost benefit analysis, concrete analysis in terms of the overall price, profits cases normal battery order process is divided into two parts, respectively as follows:

1, understand the real demand of products, need to offer lithium battery pack size, dielectric strength requirement, the output requirements, functional requirements can be customized battery.

2, did not understand the real demand, the function of the need to achieve, run time, power products, appearance design shapes such as we can tell.

above, for your reference, but please contact us as soon as possible, professional business staff our battery technology engineer will communicate with you as soon as possible, until product overall meet your requirements.

nimh battery custom delivery time:

1, our professional battery technical engineers to you after checking the good product functional requirements, will be combined with the actual condition of material reply you the actual time of delivery.

2, under normal circumstances, cases, custom battery delivery time is: 2 hours quotation, 1 day out of the scheme, 2 days out of sample, seven days out of the big goods, the actual battery manufacturers give delivery time shall prevail.

nimh battery custom contract description:

1, the two sides normal cases to check battery custom delivery time accurate, need to sign the contract, the demand for battery is 30% ~ 50% deposit in advance, after the battery manufacturers do check for each other, pay the balance after checking OK, then factory delivery.

2, if demanders need battery number is more, the two sides can be in accordance with the actual situation to discuss whether to have account period, after the overall assessment of actual need to both, will be subject to the contract, it is best not to verbal commitment.

3, customized lithium battery of contract recommended plus quality agreement, warranty period, the time period after-sales service center, etc.

nimh battery custom acceptance tip:

1, the demand of the market after the battery need to first check on estimated battery whether conform to the requirements of the contract, if do not conform to the requirements of the phenomenon can be manufacturer to return or exchange.

2, the demand of the market for battery battery error is found, after can find lithium battery manufacturer, according to the contract if such negotiations fail, he can appeal to the local procuratorate.

above order process nimh batteries are for reference only, specific will be subject to mutual agreement or detailed contract.

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