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Nickel metal hydride battery repair methods, broken waste nickel metal hydride battery repair process

by:dcfpower     2020-12-12

nickel metal hydride batteries are made with hydroxyl ions and nickel, battery capacity to store more than three hundred percent of the nickel cadmium battery, more light than nickel-cadmium batteries, use cycle is longer, and the natural environment of zero pollution, no memory effect. So nimh battery repair method is what? This article mainly describes the battery fully discharged completely after undressed, according to the battery status to short-circuit fault can be directly or with 1 o resistance when the voltage of the load discharge to close to 0 v to open the relief valve and other waste nickel metal hydride battery repair process.

nimh batteries water loss reason

nimh battery internal resistance is the cause of the increase in the late stage of per charge, interior along with higher chemical reaction make the internal pressure of electrolysis of water, although most of the gas can be made to turn and into the water, but under the condition of high pressure, still there will be a part of gas through the relief valve spillover. In the long term, internal gravity water shortage. Nimh battery capacity are doing today is quite big, structure is compact, so water is very small, and are now using fast charger, makes the internal pressure is higher, the late nimh batteries gravity die younger! Some even are loop 100 times just hang up. Can be seen: gravity water loss of battery as long as it can add a certain amount of water in some way to restore performance. But at the same time of the general solution in water will destroy the relief valve, make the battery only available after adding water several times again scrap, it is important to find a good solution without destroying the relief at the same time of the water. Gravity filtration characteristics of nimh battery: capacity reducing severity, but quick charger is no longer supported, use high voltage of the slow filling after a full charge, discharge current is very small, even only a few hundred mA short-circuit current, discharge can slowly release a lot of effective capacity.

nimh battery repair methods

the first step: the battery completely discharge after undressed, based on the battery condition can directly short-circuit or in 1 o resistance when the voltage of the load discharge to close to 0 v, normally need 5 - 10 hours. This can avoid accidentally cause battery short circuit to burn out, after adding water and can reduce flooding of electrochemical corrosion.

step 2: open the relief valve. Like sanyo, SONY and other brand battery are desperately have four holes, can directly see the rubber cap, the relief valve section with a bending wire U, then from the bottom of the rubber cap to the center position into about 2 mm. This valve is forced open, bent U so as not to damage the rubber cap.

the third step: to hot battery with just boil with boiled water, until the anode is no longer a bubble, but can't cook the battery! ! Immediately into the cool, Room temperature can) Pure water in the bottle, waiting for a minute, this time some water had breathed in, then turned to death cap hard squeeze the bottle about 10 seconds, has let more water into the battery.

step 4: take out the battery, wipe clean, pull out U type wire, set of leather. Had better use large screwdriver head with a small hammer, smashed the positive electrode cap center position slightly concave, to increase safety valve seal degree, concave down to zero. More than 5 mm can, hit the danger.

step five: put start on repeated 3-5 hours later 5 times of charging and discharging. Charge for the first time to use fast was about half an hour and then at low voltage of the batteries to 1. More than 45 v ( For a long time) , after the battery charger with medium speed or slow speed.

the last step: constant volume again. When first fully electric put 5 hours, then choose & other; ZB210 multi-function battery capacity testing instruments & throughout; With 1 a cross flow discharge to stop, and then the capacity ( Accurate to 10 mah, rounded) Use a paint pen marking on the battery. 好的! You're done! These cells after water capacity is very high. Filled with electric with a digital camera test, flash back only 2 seconds, rate of dry cell are similar, and just bought this picture how much capacity, need not say more.

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