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Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries and comparison of the ternary lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-12-02

nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries and comparison of the ternary lithium battery which good? This problem can not conclusive, literally said a a battery! So the conclusion is too hasty, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries with lithium batteries both relatively each have each benefits, both par, see in what way you buy safe use. To output power can also choose to nickel metal hydride batteries, with green environmental protection and energy saving of the output rated voltage and stable. As used in the mobile handheld portable small equipment can choose ternary lithium batteries.

as the breakthrough of our country's digital industry growth, ternary lithium battery and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries more and more be favorred by the players at home and abroad and bulk purchase wholesale, USES techniques from traditional small home appliance such as ( Hair dryer, for cosmetic, electric toothbrush, razor, radio, tape recorder, lamps and lanterns, watches and clocks) Used to intelligent product such as to ( Tablets, iPadPro/MacBookAi, solar street lamp, robot, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles) Of industries such as

what is a nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries:

from the perspective of the battery capacity is exactly the same size of the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery capacity is higher than the nickel cadmium battery is about one point five ~ 2 times, and no cadmium pollution of the environment, now already variously used as China mobile, laptop, all sorts of small, portable electronic devices such as computer science. Larger capacity nimh batteries have been gradually used in motor gasoline/electric hybrid cars use nimh battery charge and discharge process, short time exercise when auto cars, generators of electricity can be stored in the navigation of nimh batteries, when low gear wheel, exercise in general than the car working state consuming large quantities of motor gasoline, so in order to better reasonable save motor gasoline, then drive motor vehicle navigation nimh batteries can be used to replace the gas turbine running, thus ensures the normal driving, both reasonable and save a mass of motor gasoline, therefore, relatively in the traditional sense of the hybrid cars have more market potential, to be developed countries all over the world are stepping up this aspect of research.

principle of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries

individual metal materials have very strong ability to make hydrogen, in the corresponding environment temperature and pressure difference premise condition, the mass & some metal materials can be other Adsorption & throughout; Hydrogen, reaction into metal hydride, release heat at the same time. After that, the some metal hydride heat, they will dissolve again, will be stored in the hydrogen. This some will & other; Adsorption & throughout; Metal materials, hydrogen, is called a hydrogen storage alloy.

hydrogen storage capacity of hydrogen storage alloy is very strong. Unit volume of hydrogen storage density, it is exactly the same temperature, hydrogen pressure under the condition of the premise of state one thousand times, which is equivalent to store one thousand atmospheres of high-pressure hydrogen.

the advantages and disadvantages of nimh batteries

1, cryogenic charge-discharge performance good;

2, the service life of the circulatory system ( Increased to one thousand times) ;

3 has no pollution, green environmental protection and energy saving;

4, scientific research and technology development design than lithium ion battery sound.

5, and than lead acid battery, the energy density increases sharply, the net energy density is sixty-five watts per hour, volume greatly increased energy density is 200 watts per hour/L;

6, high power density is high, can undertake large current charge and discharge;

ultra high temperature resistant performance is poor, as much as possible without the environment temperature is higher than 45 degrees of the battery. Otherwise life will be reduced rapidly, battery internal resistance may be expanded.

charging too much damage to the battery life-span is very big, have corresponding security risks, so when the battery is filled with termination of charging is needed.

the advantages and disadvantages of the ternary lithium battery

1. High energy density, good circulation system performance, more suitable for the future development trend of the future of new energy car battery, suitable for the weather in the north, ultra-low temperature battery more smoothly when

2. Without memory, overcharge protection, discharge protection, over temperature protection, over current protection, the several key links above all can be further strengthen, make safety design increasingly with sound, so also can let the battery run in safety work condition. Ternary lithium battery compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries, more suitable for nowadays and future family with electric vehicles

3. Ternary lithium battery high and low temperature adaptability is strong, also can be in - 20℃- - 60 ℃ under the natural environment of safe use, after processing technology on the proper handling, can also be in - Using 45 ℃ under natural environment security;

4。 Ternary lithium battery green, environmental protection and energy saving, no matter the manufacture, safe use and discard, don't with, also does not cause everything such as lead, mercury, cadmium toxic hazard of heavy metal elements and substances;

lithium battery reaction are common security is poor, there is an explosion accident of safety risk;

high temperature structure of the aluminum nickel and cobalt is not stable, high temperature caused by poor safety, very easy to cause the safety risk

what is a ternary lithium battery pack

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