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Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery is broken how repair? Repair methods

by:dcfpower     2020-12-12

believes that many friends are there will be more or less nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery is broken, don't know what to do! This situation because we own the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery storage time too long, rechargeable battery self-discharge, causing loss of battery charging, the internal resistance increases, then not to be able to use, the following digital camera of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, for example, look at the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery repair methods

nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery is broken how to repair methods

the first simple little methods: repair of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries for rechargeable batteries in the use of a few days can go to the household refrigerator freezing days. Methods: to use newspaper, first put battery pack a layer of absorbing water, then use plastic tape ( Can waterproof) Wrapped up, then into the frozen three days the whole household refrigerator, take out the battery for three days in room temperature condition, then use batteries can repair nine hundred percent electricity capacity

: (the second simple repair methods This method is reproduced from technology professional, a physics teacher, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, for example) in selecting a digital camera Industry on the market at present stage is one thousand eight hundred & ndash; Three thousand MAH ni-mh rechargeable batteries. Normally most of the guys choose and buy is two thousand & ndash; 2600 mah ni-mh rechargeable batteries. According to the specification, design has the following points: take 2. 6 meters long, 0. 4 mm diameter enameled copper wire a heart, do a paper tube (within 1 cm in diam. The best choice for hollow, more conducive to heat conduction) 。 Then wire wound on the cylinder. Set aside and fixed on both sides. Therefore, the preparation. ( Clear and concise! )

here to illustrate a point: according to a recent report, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery charging right should choose large current fast charge! The traditional slow filling only against rechargeable batteries ( A charge) ! So please everyone must buy a quick charge the charger. The best choice with the charging indicator. So, some more expensive. But there is a direct determinant of rechargeable battery life.

repair: time only can repair section. The camera directly report: & other; Please replace the battery & throughout; Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries and the ends of the coil. Allowed to discharge. At this time of the current up to 1. 5 - 2. 0A。 For 10 minutes (for the first time Note: hot coil is normal, are large current discharge) 。 Then in the quick charger, see if I can charge it into electricity. If still not, then the same method to put electricity once more, this time no more than 8 minutes. No more than five minutes for the third time. Usually, for the first time after discharge, can charge it into electricity. Note: the above data is 2100 mah rechargeable batteries. If 1000 mah rechargeable batteries, the discharge time please cut in half. If three thousand MAH increase in half. If after four discharge in quick charger can't charge. That the nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries in general is useless.

camera with four batteries. Before the repair, use charging slow filling machine. Don't take more than ten copies. With quick charger won't charge! Once discharge after repair, with quick charger can charge at once. After filling, filming the nearly 700 copies ( 2592 * 1944) ! There are 420 and with the flash. Report haven't change the battery. The first flash back period is less than 2 seconds. The last call time about 8 seconds. Still in the range of affordable. It is with new rechargeable batteries without too much difference.

after the test, this method also can be applied to intelligent mobile phone, camera with nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery repair. Theoretically, as long as it is nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, can use this method to repair. I don't have analysis test nickel cadmium battery. You try it on. Recovered, so pick up to 2 cents in the street. Therorically, still can't use. Helpful hints this method do not repair with lithium batteries

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