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Nimh batteries can use a few years, nickel metal hydride battery life long

by:dcfpower     2020-11-08

we will hear from mouth to mouth nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries to charge and discharge frequently to maintain the best performance, at least every three months time to charge and discharge time, if so, please store the rechargeable battery if not sell 3 months, you may not use the performance began to reduce, if not a year to sell out the use of performance is affected by very large. Just bought new nimh batteries, time is not filled, one need not, can put a few years? A: and what about again, lithium battery pack, can put how long? A: how do we get the service life of nimh batteries? Life is actually measured in standard environment. Let's say today's article nimh batteries can use a few years, long service life.

nimh batteries can use a few years

don't use, every day will be 0. 2% - 0. 3% of discharge and storage after a period of time, even if not for recycling, its small capacity will be permanently lost it as the life of a loss. Conform to the standard of nimh batteries, fill, in 20 & plusmn; 5 ℃ environment into 28 days, electricity will retain more than seven hundred and fifty percent; In the 60 ℃ environment put seven days, power should also retain more than seven hundred and fifty percent. The higher the temperature, the faster nimh battery power loss.

it is very difficult to life a few years, this is because the rechargeable batteries are mainly charging & ndash; — Discharge cycles to determine its service life; How much you charge and discharge cycles, fast time is short and, in turn, time is long; Usually nimh batteries in eight hundred ~ one thousand two hundred cycles; A battery internal resistance is high, the low cycles using performance is poor, so more and more cheap batteries usually low cycles. Therefore to measure a battery is good, can not be pure to seek how lh-zd capacitance, but the battery capacity and cyclic number comprehensive consideration!

how nimh battery maintenance, increase the battery life?

1. Charge when we try to use slow filling

slow charge but it does not hurt the battery charging time is too long; Quick charge can save time and effort, but the damage battery. By using fast was electric charge after a period of time, we can do that with fast was after 5, 10, for example, to switch to slow charge once or twice. Thus the performance of the battery again return to the best state.

2。 Try not to nimh batteries into a dormant state is

nimh batteries for a long time storage will enter a dormant state, appear this kind of situation will greatly reduce the service life of batteries, opinion and the suggestion for a long time need not, again and again to nickel metal hydride batteries

3. Storage or charge don't put the nimh batteries on the edge of

battery charging, attention should be paid to the heat dissipation, around the charger too deliberately use what kind of fan and no necessary, but should pay attention to the heap is near the charger don't put too much. Individual users in the use of the process of the battery, battery usually can't find the special storage bag; After the user in the replacement battery, tend to put the battery with good, regardless of the place where is clean, damp.

4。 New battery must be recharged repeatedly ( Roots from the source to solve the problem)

usually, new nimh batteries contain only a few of electricity, we choose and buy should be recharged and then after use. But if the battery factory period is relatively short, electricity is very enough, it is highly recommended to use and then charging. New usually goes through a 3 - to buy nimh batteries 4 times of charging and use, the use of performance to play to the best state, more and more friends for the first time charging of small problems, such as charging for the first time after PP number can't find the imagination of so much? In the 3 - After four times of charging and use are solved.

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