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Nimh battery is not into the cause of the electricity, the activation method of nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-16

nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries do not charge into the cause of the electricity from the big ways, can be divided into the battery itself original internal cause and external cause of performing battery charger. Nickel metal hydride batteries in theory and no memory effect. We are mainly because of surging happening again in capacitance battery memory effect, we can according to the at once again full of at once the simplest way of uninterrupted times of light, also can meet most of the first opening the nimh batteries can be activated method. Nickel metal hydride battery activation opened is our manufacturer, users do not need to worry about, but can also give you your popularity today about extracurricular knowledge.

activate opened the simplest way to nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries

1, the activation of opening is not the same as the purpose of old and new nimh batteries, so, can't remember the fault experiment for new battery activation. Old after long time use nimh batteries, electric capacity decline, at the same time, the damage output is more rational and efficient internal capacitance metal electrodes happen again oxidation layer make the battery internal resistance, capacitance decline is not irreversible, thus greatly reduce the battery internal resistance is the key to activate opened old nimh batteries, otherwise, the old nimh batteries will be more and more big can't apply the working current of electrical equipment.

2, nickel metal hydride battery self-discharge rate is relatively large, long time in transit link loss of battery capacity will slowly, and then make a battery chemical activation slash, into the sleep mode, if you don't do a few back to the battery charge and discharge completely, because the memory effect of nimh batteries, the output is short of rating capacitance of electric capacity. Particular way, usually make three complete battery charge and discharge, among them, the charger mode to 0. It is advisable to 1 c, this is because the battery is not activated and charge less problem, large working current charger will cause damage to the electrode.

3, can not use a high voltage to activate opened nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, because its battery protection board there are upper and lower the maintenance of the voltage, high voltage MOS tube will be burned on the battery protection board, the lithium battery pack activation of the opening should be charger is negative across the electrodes of the battery charger, at any time when the voltage rise to battery protection board line voltage, battery protection board will all run normally, everything is all right to do the battery charging and discharging.

nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery is not into the internal reasons of electric

1, the battery voltage is either zero or the combinations of zero voltage battery. Battery zero voltage or actually is nonconforming, factory will not achieve a specific rating capacitance and voltage value, otherwise belongs to death, because of long time use, run out of electric capacity and short circuit current to zero.

2, reverse working current, the recurrence of chemical reaction, battery with old - Can't again produces chemical reaction, especially the integration to the maintenance of power circuit of the electronic components occur again after the above said conditions at any time to compromise the performance of the maintenance function of the power supply circuit module, which will guide the charger can not be scientific and rational examination.

3, the charger can't guarantee standard voltage ( AA about 1. 3 v, the entire intelligent there will be a discrepancy) - - To ensure adequate forward voltage

nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery is not into electric external causes have

1, the charger, the machinery and equipment problems, no output voltage. Appear this kind of problem, should only be put battery in another same model charger charger is ok.

2, inappropriate charger regional environment, the charger and rechargeable batteries are all have their own production environment, crossed between any restrictions in the requirements, both in sustained high temperature or temperature can make the charger can't be.

3, charger and battery don't match, especially don't match the charger and li-ion battery charging current design difference can cause the charger when suddenly working current is too large, lithium batteries perform overcurrent protection to suspend the charger. Solve such mismatches especially pay special attention to don't mix nimh charger with li-ion battery charger using, some universal charger and try to stop & other; Multi-function & throughout; Use.

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