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On the dangers of graphene and graphene batteries have a harm to human body

by:dcfpower     2020-11-07

all know that the birth of graphene, caused a worldwide research analysis, highly respected, it is the size of the world today is the first material, its structure, is already know that China is the strongest and the most agile of material composition. Although graphene battery USES the most outstanding, the most potential tableland material, but if out of the testing laboratory, the full implementation of the real life still needs time, below small make up for lithium-ion batteries for guys to introduce in detail on the dangers of graphene and graphene batteries have a harm to human body?

graphene structure analysis

graphene is made of carbon graphite material separated protect the child, a two-dimensional crystal is the current stage of the world already know one of ultra-thin in tableland material, a layer of a layer of graphene together is graphite, graphite with a millimeter thick rich in 3 millions of layers of graphene, pencil on a piece of paper gently glide, a legacy of the mark is likely to be several layers, or even just a layer of graphene. Nanomaterials of graphene is more stable than the past tableland material, long service life. Therefore graphene at the same time can also be used in more fields of science and technology!

but graphene to human and ecological environment are basically have potential hazard. We only know the graphene will provide everyone with the Gospel, but also cannot ignore its bad effects on the human body. Biology at brown university, senior engineers and materials scientists gold medal team data monitoring the potential side effects of graphene on human cells. They detect a jagged edges of graphene nanoparticles is very sharp and strong, can easily Pierce the skin all mankind, and the immune cells in the cell membrane, thus the graphene does harm to mankind and other animals and plants have potential. Graphene can be inadvertently learn to!

graphene batteries have a harm to human body?

graphene it is, in fact, there is no harm, but after processing the day after tomorrow, may be have some bad influence to human body, but there has been no validation for the conclusion at this stage, after all, who also did not get along with graphene really long. The current phase of research and analysis to detect graphene to skin and eyes and without suction system has more potential damage and irritating, temporarily haven't test shows that whether have to cancer risk.

1。 Graphene battery cells in the body can cause harm to

on the one hand, for the harm of human body cell. Biologists, engineers, and materials scientist at brown university in the team tested the graphene hidden toxicity to human cells. Scientific experts explicitly pointed out that showed that graphene nanoparticles of serrated very sharp and strong, can easily Pierce through the membrane of human skin and immune cells.

2。 Environmental pollution problems

also protect the incomplete graphene oxide nanoparticles, if found in the earth's surface or underground water resources, will impact on the environment. If, in this substance into the river to the sea, is relatively easy to green plants to the fish, the water cause bad effect.

the advantages of graphene battery

1. Conductivity and thermal conductivity, but vertical direction to join other materials for conduction, a large number of applications in led lamps and lanterns of the name, lithium battery pack, solar energy, super capacitor, and so on hot industry.

2。 Using graphene can be made into sewage treatment system, but also can realize recycling heavy metal pollutants by 99% probability.

3。 Graphene metal has antibacterial, health care keeping in good health, and so on, at the same time can also be made to keep warm underwear, antibacterial socks.

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