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Performance and application of -40℃ low temperature battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12

Speaking of low-temperature batteries, it refers to lithium-ion batteries with a working temperature below -40°C, which are mainly used in military aerospace, vehicle-mounted equipment, scientific research rescue, power communications, public safety, medical electronics, railways, ships, robots, etc. field. It is generally required to meet the requirements of the national standard for lithium-ion batteries GB31241-2014 'Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products' or the National Military Standard of the People's Republic of China GJB4477-2002 'General Specification for Packs'.

Classification and application fields of low-temperature batteries

1. Low-temperature power batteries are divided into low-temperature lithium batteries according to their discharge performance: energy storage type low-temperature lithium batteries, rate type low-temperature lithium batteries Batteries.

Low-temperature energy storage lithium batteries are widely used in military tablet computers, paratroopers, military navigators, UAV backup starting power supplies, special flight instrument power supplies, satellite signal receiving devices, and marine data monitoring Equipment, atmospheric data monitoring equipment, outdoor video recognition equipment, petroleum exploration and detection equipment, monitoring equipment along railway lines, outdoor monitoring equipment for power grids, military warm shoes, on-board backup power supplies.

Low-temperature rate lithium batteries are used in Infrared laser equipment, strong light armed police equipment, acoustic armed police equipment.

2. Low-temperature lithium batteries are divided into low-temperature lithium batteries for military use and industrial low-temperature lithium batteries according to application areas.

The low-temperature lithium batteries are classified according to the usage environment as follows:

A, -20℃ civilian low-temperature lithium batteries: 0.2C discharge of -20℃ batteries account for more than 90% of the rated capacity; -30℃ batteries 0.2C discharge account for the rated capacity

B, -40℃ special low temperature lithium battery pack, 0.2C discharge of -40℃ battery accounts for more than 80% of the rated capacity;

C, -50℃ extreme environment low temperature lithium battery -50℃ battery 0.2 C discharge occupies more than 50% of the rated capacity;

Three, according to its use environment, it is divided into three series: civilian low-temperature batteries, special low-temperature batteries, extreme-environment low-temperature batteries,

Main fields:

Military weapons, aerospace, missile-borne vehicle equipment, polar scientific research, frigid rescue, power communications, public safety, medical electronics, railways, ships, robots and other fields.

About the value of low-temperature battery

The low-temperature battery is a special battery specially developed for the low-temperature defects inherent in the performance of chemical power sources. The low-temperature battery uses VGCF and activated carbon with a specific surface area of u200bu200b(2000±500) ㎡/g as additives and its matching positive and negative electrodes. Special electrolytes with special additives are injected to ensure the low-temperature discharge function of the low-temperature battery. The volume change rate of 24h at 70℃ is ≦0.5%, which has the safety and storage functions of conventional lithium batteries.

Low-temperature batteries have the advantages of light weight, high specific energy and life span, and are widely used in various electronic devices. Among them, the low-temperature battery polymer lithium battery pack also has the advantages of simple packaging, easy to change the geometric shape of the battery, ultra-light and ultra-thin and high safety, and has become the power source for many mobile electronic products.

Ordinary civilian batteries cannot be used at -20℃, and low-temperature batteries can still be used normally at -50℃. Annual self-discharge rate ≤1%; storage life is more than 10 years. At present, low-temperature batteries are generally used in an environment of ℃ or below. In addition to communication power supplies, military mobile power supplies, signal power supplies, and small power equipment drive power supplies also require the use of low-temperature batteries. These power supplies also have low-temperature performance requirements when working in the field.

Space exploration projects such as the space flight and moon landing program being implemented in my country also require the use of high-performance energy storage power supplies, especially low-temperature batteries. Because military communication products have stricter requirements on battery characteristics, especially requiring communication guarantees at lower temperatures. Therefore, the development of low-temperature batteries is of great significance to the development of military and aerospace industries. The research and development of low temperature batteries is also a hot topic at home and abroad. Lithium-ion batteries outside electronic products have gradually replaced traditional cadmium-nickel batteries as the mainstream power supply in the military communications field and are also the focus of the development of new communications power supplies.

Advantages of low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries

The main product is lithium iron phosphate batteries, and its products have normal charge and discharge capabilities at -40-55°C. It can still achieve fast charging at low temperatures.

As always, we are committed to the research of nickel-metal hydride, lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery technology, and the exploration and research on the low temperature resistance of the battery, especially in the low temperature lithium iron phosphate (new Technology). Outstanding research and development results have been achieved in the field of low-temperature special-shaped batteries. Excellent raw materials and technology ensure the battery's high-efficiency discharge performance at extremely low temperatures. With the further development of the technology, lithium batteries will have further breakthroughs in low temperature environments.

The above is the relevant knowledge of low-temperature lithium batteries compiled by the editor for everyone. If you want to share or have questions, please come, and we will have professionals to answer you.

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