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Polymer and lithium battery which is good, what is the difference between - EPT

by:dcfpower     2020-11-04

refers to the lithium ion secondary rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries from the exterior, square aluminum shell and a cylindrical steel shell, three kinds of soft package, the soft bag is in the title polymer, thus it can be seen, is actually a polymer lithium polymer battery, is a kind of lithium-ion batteries. In this context, specifically to cylindrical lithium battery lithium batteries. Polymer and lithium battery which good, therefore, the actual is a polymer of the discussion and the cylindrical lithium battery which good.

we compare from the following aspects one by one, to try to find the answer.

1, the material

lithium battery using liquid electrolyte, polymer battery internal use gel electrolyte and solid electrolyte. In fact, domestic polymer can't truly be called polymers, do real solid, called no liquid can flow more accurately. This is a digression, in this not tell.

2, encapsulation and exterior

polymer use aluminum-plastic film packaging, shape can be customized, can be thick thin, but can small.

lithium batteries used steel shell encapsulation, in a cylindrical shape for most, the most common is 18650, refers to 18 mm in diameter, height 65 mm. Fixed shape. Can't change at will.

3, safety

polymer internal flow of liquid, liquid does not leak. Internal temperature is high, lu: su membrane shell is bilge gas or bulge, not explode. Security is higher than lithium battery. Of course this is not absolute, if instant polymer battery is sufficiently large short-circuit current, battery spontaneous combustion or explosion. Samsung mobile phone battery explosion occur a few years ago, lenovo and this happened because of defects recall of laptop batteries, are all the same problem.

4, energy density

the general about 18650 2200 mah battery capacity do, so calculate down energy density about 500 wh/L, and the energy density of the polymer battery production at present stage can be close to 600 wh/L.

5, batteries voltage

the adoption of polymer materials, polymer battery can be combined in batteries into multi-layer high voltage, nominal capacity and batteries, lithium-ion batteries is 3. 6 v, to achieve high voltage in practical application, you will need to be together multiple batteries in series to form the ideal high voltage work platform.

so, polymer and lithium battery pack which good, seems to polymer. But there is reasonable, they must be in different ways each other cannot be replaced.

let's take a look at the last item:

6, price

generally more expensive than the lithium polymer battery of the same energy. But can't say this is the shortcoming of polymer.

at present in the field of consumer electronics, such as laptop, mobile power supply, the use of more and more instead of lithium polymer batteries.

in small battery compartments, to achieve within the limited space of the largest energy density, still need to use the polymer. Because of the shape of the lithium battery fixed, can't do custom according to the customer's design.

but no unified standard size polymer battery, in turn, has become a disadvantage in some ways. Tesla motors, the battery is made up of more than 7000 section 18650 after a series parallel, and a power supply control system and.

look and lithium polymer battery which good, relative, or depends on the specific situation, not a single conclusion is given.

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