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Polymer batteries or18650 batteries-mobile power type selection

by:dcfpower     2021-02-23
Batteries are the core of mobile power supplies. Whether the polymer mobile power supply is safer or the 18650 battery cell technology is more mature, the debate has never stopped. Simply put, the biggest advantage of polymer batteries is their own plasticity, which makes the shape of mobile power more diverse. Moreover, the high plasticity allows the battery core to fully occupy the internal space of the mobile power supply, and a larger power capacity can be obtained within the same volume. This is why polymer power banks with the same capacity are often smaller and lighter than 18650 battery cell power banks. The shape of the traditional 18650 battery cell is the same as that of the ordinary AA battery. The outside of the battery core is wrapped by iron sheet, and the power is obtained by connecting multiple batteries in series. Therefore, the mobile power supply using 18650 battery cells is generally more square in appearance. . u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e The claim that polymer mobile power is safer is actually related to the outer casing of the battery. The outer shell of the 18650 battery cell is generally made of iron sheet material, which is hard in texture and poor in toughness. When the inner part of the battery cell expands, it may burst due to the lack of toughness of the shell. The inner filling of the polymer cell is paste-like, and the outer part is encapsulated with a softer aluminum-plastic film. The outer shell is more easily deformed, and even if the inner part expands, it is not easy to burst. But today, the 18650 battery cell technology has been quite mature, and the major manufacturers’ processes in overvoltage protection, circuit design, etc. have been quite complete, and the possibility of battery cell explosion is not high; while for polymer batteries, In my country, there are not many manufacturers that can fully master the technology and have complete supporting support. It is true that there are not many cases of polymer battery mobile power explosions, but there are many cases of burning users due to prolonged use. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to say that the mobile power supply with polymer batteries is safer than the traditional 18650 battery mobile power supply. u003cpu003e u003c/pu003e Finally, I want to talk about the prices of the two. Frankly speaking, there is almost no difference in the prices of two products with the same brand and the same power, but with different battery cell types. More functions and a more refined appearance balance this price difference. In short, the battery cell type should not be the main factor that affects the user's choice of products at present! u003c/pu003e
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