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Polymer battery and lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-05

good polymer lithium battery, lithium battery electrolyte is in lithium batteries, and relatively safe, lithium polymer battery with polymer electrolyte, long service life, safe and reliable, it is not easy to cause bilge package such as safety accidents, so it must be a more excellent polymer battery. Battery with us next small make up together to analyze from the aspects of safety and advantages of polymer battery and lithium battery which good?

in security and practical level:

polymer battery is more safe and reliable, and more outstanding, and storage capacity is bigger enough. If can choose recommend choosing polymer, lithium battery core usually is made of aluminum shell packaging format, if the fault protection may be powered up for abnormal didn't blast injury and polymer battery metal shell is not completely sealing even internal structure is formed under the condition of gas to a certain stage to release is not easy to cause explosion

the advantages of lithium battery:

1, the circulation service life is long. The lithium battery cycle life has reached more than one thousand times, under the low discharge depth can reach tens of thousands of times, more than other several secondary battery.

2, small self-discharge. self-discharge rate is only 6 - 8%, far short of nickel cadmium battery ( 25-30%) And nickel metal hydride batteries ( 30 ~ 40%) 。

3, no memory effect. Can be in accordance with the provisions of charging anytime and anywhere, not easy to reduce the battery performance.

4, harmless to the natural environment. Can't find the poisonous and harmful material in lithium-ion batteries, it is worthy of & other; Environmental protection battery & throughout; 。 Lithium polymer battery is the upgrading generation, mass production into the professional market in 1999.

5, high work standard voltage, work standard voltage of lithium battery pack in 3. 6 v, is standard nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries work voltage of 3 times.

6, high specific energy. energy than one hundred and forty Wh/kg, is 3 times of nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride battery 1. 5 times.

7, lithium battery pack is due to the durable storage! Sometimes some high price

polymer batteries

lithium polymer batteries in addition to the outside is a solid polymer electrolyte, rather than a liquid electrolyte, the other with lithium batteries. Polymer electrolyte material is made from a mix of power law fluid of all kinds of plastic film, in the main body of power law fluid in the polymers such as polyethylene oxide as solvent of does not move. The advantages of lithium polymer battery can be made into casual style and is relatively light, this is because it does not contain heavy metals and can't keep the electrolyte leakage plastic shell.

polymer battery and lithium battery pack which is relatively good performance both

had compared the performance between them, the ideal state of lithium polymer battery storage capacity up to thousands of ma/h, and more safe and reliable. Solid electrolyte as a suspected glue sealing, in the process of charging is not easy to just naturally collapse.

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