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Polymer battery bulge

by:dcfpower     2020-10-23

polymer battery is very common in our daily life, normally is commonly used in rechargeable battery treasure above, polymer battery is relatively safe compared to the lithium ion battery, rarely like lithium ion battery will cause explosion, polymer battery only produces battery bulge most inappropriate words, that today we take a look at the polymer battery bulge to do it.

the cause of the battery bulge

1, is a polymer lithium battery pack production and processing technology, metal electrode metal coating uneven distribution, production process is relatively inferior, if you have more battery drum, it should be is the cut-off voltage you use the charger and battery don't fit, personal advice conversion;

2, is the use of operation in the process of charging and discharging. These two factors will cause the battery in the process of operation, the battery internal structure similar to a short circuit of the violent reaction, into a large amount of heat, gasification, in turn, cause the electrolyte decomposition, the battery will drum up. In addition to the battery for a long time without also produces beat phenomenon, because the air is conductive to a certain extent, therefore, put the time is too long is equivalent to negative direct contact, the batteries are completed chronic short circuit.

3, aluminium is easy to deformation, who will gently, batteries, the greater the air pocket is larger, the easier it will be destroyed. Is the cathode contact cause short circuit, lithium polymer batteries and strengthening even smoke. A full charge the electricity protection caused by constantly.

4, polymer battery soft packages by charge or discharge, and abnormal protection board, the battery core produces serious blow. By external damage, poked through water enter the cell internal structure. Besides lithium materials chemistry too lively, brings the risk is very high. Lithium metal is exposed to air, can produce intense oxidation reaction with oxygen.

polymer battery bulge to do

1. Please do not adjust output voltage to the higher than equipment voltage, otherwise may cause the equipment damage, please must check before use. Please use the specific charger.

2。 Beat the battery can't recover. Such polymer lithium battery threw a, the best choice, nor is to replace the battery and circuit board. Otherwise there will be a possibility of smoke explosion.

3。 If the battery has been filled out, find the gap battery first with his fingers, use for to poke a hole and let the air out. manufacturers must strictly control the product quality problem, control of operation process and baking time and temperature. Ordinary users find the lithium battery pack after sending drum must stop using, photo or video reserves, otherwise products dealer may not admit it. Tell the people around, also can buy things to make a copy, the product to fail to take evidence.

4。 Can also buy a new polymer lithium battery pack again to replace. In the process of charging operation, should prevent overcharge, both can protect cells from damage, green environmental protection.

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