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Polymer battery will explode

by:dcfpower     2020-11-09

considering society in the progress of new energy industry production of continuous improve, also considering the green environmental protection and energy saving of rising market demand unceasingly, polymer lithium battery with its rich and colorful characteristics instead of classical Chinese lead-acid battery for a short period of time, become the backbone of the energy storage industry market power. The kinds of lithium battery has a lot of, a sense of 18650 lithium polymer battery and lithium battery and produce, promote many electronic equipment is given plenty of exercise so today I will take you to get to know the polymer battery will explode?

polymer battery will explode?

polymer lithium ion battery, if, the charging time is longer, the expansion of the produce probability will be expanded. Lithium fairly active chemical properties, it is easy to burn, when the battery charge and discharge the battery internal structure of continuous heating, activation of gas in the process of inflation, the battery internal pressure, pressure to reach the corresponding level, such as shell have scars, which will craze, causing leakage, fire and explosion. And polymer lithium ion battery is only inflation. Everyone in use cases, must, pay attention to safety.

polymer battery will explode?

today's battery lithium polymer battery is more soft package, choose aluminum-plastic film as enclosure, when internal structure choose organic electrolyte, even if it is hot liquid will not explode, this is because the aluminum-plastic film polymer battery choose solid or colloidal without leakage, is simply the natural crack. But all things are not absolute, if is large enough for a current, short circuit, the battery or burst spontaneous combustion is not impossible, smart phones and laptops production safety accidents have caused by this situation.

how to avoid the lithium polymer battery burst and cause a short-circuit

1, the battery circuit design is reasonable, please check the temperature when charging

avoid explosion method is natural to have battery protection circuit board design. Although this will raise the cost of the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, but is necessary for the safe use of lithium-ion batteries, all normal products of lithium battery manufacturer can avoid this one design. In low temperature environment, the low temperature of polymer lithium battery pack protection system will promote the battery does not produce material in chemical reaction, so there is no way to charge or charges at a slower pace, and in high temperature, the battery would not be stable, that it explode.

2, the charger should as far as possible the use of the original, the number of charging attaches great importance to the

charging time is lithium battery explosion Tuesday. Original battery charger more than the compatible charger can guarantee security. “ A small amount of meals & throughout; In another way: each number of mobile phone battery has a fixed charge, if charging too many times, can accelerate cell strain ageing degree! In fact, this is wrong, lithium polymer batteries and we human beings, pay attention to a few much food, a bit too frequently charging the battery actually benefits.

3, should as far as possible the use of original battery charging, secondary charging unfavorable period longer

as far as possible to buy original battery, or on the market at present the international well-known brand batteries, lithium batteries, for example, do not have to save money and buy a second-hand or gray, this kind of battery may after maintenance, reliable than original battery. Second charge don't need what must full 12 hours, * time charge only need to like at ordinary times charging is ok!

4, shutdown, should as far as possible need not overcharge, full of early after pull out the charger.

if conditions permit, to turn it off when charging, the maintenance of the battery. Charging while playing mobile phone, not only damage the battery, but is also harmful to the human body! Generally how long the lithium polymer battery life, smart phones or laptops of lithium polymer battery service life generally in 5 years.

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