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Polymer lithium battery and lithium battery which good 18650?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-25

as broad masses ideas are: polymer lithium battery is more safe and reliable, as we have learned will never be an explosion. Polymer batteries appearance design and lighter batteries is the man of god, appearance also can customize any personality, can also be the ultrathin battery, such as 0. 25 mm, with polymer batteries, mobile charger, therefore on the shape design also can design more spirit, nowadays many smart products machinery and equipment is based on battery with polymer lithium battery, it can also make their own products in the design of the overall design more fashion and more freedom. That we take a look at below 18650 polymer lithium battery and lithium battery which good.

18850 battery design fixed appearance, is the batteries side short bright poor, appearance of approximate number five battery, usually packed in cylindrical steel shell, it is a liquid lithium ion electrolyte. 18850 battery only for columnar, if you are buying mobile charger to the coarse and big appearance design, can be set to choose is 18550 batteries.

according to our small make up to 18650 lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries and lithium polymer batteries more safe and reliable, mostly from taobao shop counterfeit mobile charger manufacturers, polymer lithium battery pack as a selling point attack to choose 18650 batteries.

you can & other; Battery explosion & throughout; As keywords, baidu knows, the corresponding key news is related to mobile phone, now of the mobile phone, already can't find the lithium-ion polymer battery model, therefore, polymer lithium battery, by contrast, 18650 lithium-ion batteries more safe and reliable is untenable, more does not exist generally not exploded. Not only individual extreme explosion cases, bulge phenomenon is almost common problems of polymer lithium battery pack.

so, polymer lithium battery has its unique and 18650 ( Cylindrical) completely irreplaceable advantages: square flat, which makes it in lightweight portable electronic product equipment instrument display talent, not only everybody extremely dependent on cell phones, ultra-thin notebook also use lithium polymer batteries. Whether it's security is high and low, as long as we can't lack of mobile phone, it is in your hand or pocket. Fortunately, at this stage the star of the mainstream mobile phone brands almost basic models are chosen in the department of Japanese and Korean batteries, basic it is said by international companies, security in general is very high, daily use there is no need to worry about these.

back about 18650 lithium-ion batteries, which often attacked by all kinds of counterfeit mobile charger manufacturers & other; Throughout ancient &; Batteries, the present stage is still widely used in all sorts of electronics equipment instrument, such as typical mobile charger. In fact, at the high end of the main application field, such as technical professional video equipment, laptop batteries, 18650 has been the main role, tesla electric cars, large scale but also to promote the image of the battery high security. 18650 lithium-ion battery technology mature, good consistency and high capacity density, in large capacity hybrid applications has the advantage of polymer lithium battery cannot be replaced.

so, in living daily life need to fully consider the battery types of cases, we should do what to pick? Or mobile charger, for example, personal opinion is: choose well-known battery manufacturers of goods, such as: typical we, ningde manufacturers to batteries, byd, Japan's panasonic, day, amd, kline, silver long weft lithium can, new energy, samsung energy trade, etc. There is a corresponding scale strength of the brand, also has a higher security guarantee. The safety of the batteries is the key to quality control of manufacturer, and not is that it is or ordinary lithium polymer battery. At the same time to improve a widely accepted is not correct that: polymer lithium battery does not represent a lighter, light or heavy seemed never basic is closely related to the energy density, regardless of the battery is square, cylindrical or in the same stage, as the capacity of the volume weight of the polymer lithium battery and lithium battery 18650 there is no obvious difference.

polymer lithium battery and lithium battery which good 18650

said to return good in general, or superior polymer lithium battery, polymer electric oil outside a layer of aluminum film, outer package a high toughness medical tape again, general won't explode, most will only gas drum, the most evil business case is a burning, mu of a fire. So with 18650, by contrast, polymer batteries, is according to soft. Due to the particularity of 18550 battery packing ( Selection of steel shell) , prone to short-circuit, if failed the quality problems of production, is the biggest risk is an explosion, explosion happened before.

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