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Polymer lithium battery charging method correctly, polymer batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-07

after our customer buy lithium polymer batteries, often actually don't know the correct way to recharge, in general, just open the inside of the polymer lithium battery to the instruction for use all of them are usually discarded from the sidelines, really will not scan, also more can't know the matters needing attention for the safe use of polymer rechargeable batteries, that we battery small make up is especially popular for everyone today on polymer lithium battery charging right method, basic common sense precautions to polymer batteries.

1, should pay attention to in the safe use of lithium battery, the battery is after a long time into the sleep mode, at the moment is less than standard value, capacitance using time also has been greatly reduced. But lithium batteries especially easy to activate the opening, only 3 years & ndash; Five times the normal can activate opened battery charge and discharge cycle. Control within the normal range of electric capacity. Considering the characteristics of the lithium battery itself. Directly determines its nearly have no memory effect. So the user opening the new lithium battery in the activation process. Does not need special method and the device. Theory is not only so, from my own practice, from the start with standard method charging such & other; Natural active open & throughout; Is the best way.

2, safe use lithium battery attaches great importance to the fire

3, shall be in accordance with the time period prescribed by the standard and charging program flow, even before 3 times to lithium polymer battery also need such practice;

4, often occurs when the machine power is too low when prompted, should immediately start charging as far as possible;

5, the activation of the lithium battery opened does not need special method, in the normal safe use of machinery and equipment lithium battery activation naturally opened. If you are determined to use & other circulating; Three times before 12 hours charging activation opened throughout & long; Methods. In fact there will be no effect.

so, all the pursuit of long 12 hours charging and the lithium battery to itself actively to turn it off, all of them are not correct. If you've made according to incorrect, please immediately correct, perhaps not too late.

polymer battery note

no doubt, lithium battery with high efficiency, light weight, and so on these strengths is its popularization and application quickly. But, you can know, if not safe use, would make its have the risk of explosion, the lithium battery has a light weight, high efficiency, low temperature resistance, - 40℃) Strengths, such as 0. 3 mm thick, the size of 12 stamps lithium battery can safe use more than five years in a row, in recent years are phased out with alkaline manganese batteries and battery now, more and more widely used in high-end home appliances and smart phone. is different from the active manganese battery and alkaline battery zinc chloride and potassium hydroxide water soluble electrolyte. It is for the safe use of organic solvent. The positive use manganese dioxide, lithium battery pack materials such as lead, sulfur chloride and fluoride. Anode used in lithium metal foil when compared to the general battery cathode zinc chloride for the safe use of strong ionization tendency, anode voltage difference is big, this improved the work efficiency of lithium-ion batteries. But. in the safe use of burning, burning phenomenon often occurs often. Use light to endanger the safety of the host, serious still can continue to burn the host caused a fire. It is reported that samsung mobile phone battery charge is not value the safety awareness and major safety accident occurred.

so people in the safe use of lithium batteries must pay attention to waterproof, moisture proof. A variety of host discontinuation. Should remove the lithium battery in a dry, low temperature safekeeping, to prevent and avoid the lithium battery family fire accidents caused by misuse.

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