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Polymer lithium battery charging right skills and lithium battery repair methods

by:dcfpower     2020-11-21

lithium batteries rely on a variety of advantages in the short term to replace traditional Chinese lead-acid batteries, into energy storage industry the backbone of the market. The kinds of lithium battery has a lot of, to some extent, is the invention of lithium polymer batteries use give full play to many electronic products, such as the TWS bluetooth headset, such as unique small electronic devices, we have been discussing questions in lithium polymer batteries, so I decided to list for the technique of polymer lithium battery charging more lithium battery repair methods to share with you.

polymer lithium battery charging right skills

1. Not to let your battery charging less than the minimum voltage

when charging, don't let the battery run out as far as possible, as far as possible don't use mobile phones in battery capacity is less than two hundred percent, especially do not use mobile phone within 5% battery capacity, will be irreversible damage to the battery. A pass is filling will pose the very big damage to cell phone lithium batteries, at this stage only touch screens are normally there will be a circuit protection, after a full charge will no longer to continue to recharge the battery.

2。 Decrease as far as possible under the condition of high temperature or temperature charging

under high temperature and cryogenic charging is on the phone lithium battery constitute a very big damage, high temperature is likely to cause the battery explosion, and ultra-low temperature also can cause very big bad influence to the battery life.

3。 Battery to avoid more than a week did not use the

avoid your cell phone battery long-term remain without electricity, how long the battery will remain without electricity that will most likely be from now on your mobile phone can't open the machine. Under the condition of two hundred percent battery capacity please give your battery, this will make them maintain balance and stability. Can also put an end to a single storage charge battery instability and lose balance. I almost always give me the battery, and then the night before.

polymer lithium battery correct repair method

1. Polymer lithium battery pack repair method one:

with rubber polishing or other cleaning tools can wipe off the surface of rust. For a long time use of the metal surface of lithium-ion batteries will have corresponding degree of air oxidation, touch the bad cause with mobile phone battery, lithium battery life, and use a rubber polishing or other cleaning tools can wipe off the surface rust composition, let the battery and mobile phone touch better.

2。 Polymer lithium battery repair method 2:

all your battery after use, with temperature, the battery in the temperature instability will greatly reduce the use of the time, because the battery is no electricity at the same time quite part of lithium ion already contains memory power in this way can make electric release part of memory, winter has come, put outside for a while, get a room. Ultra-low temperature can make the internal lithium battery pack electrolyte produces change, drive just after frozen cells produce chemical reaction. The use of lithium-ion batteries is actually a charge and discharge process. During this period, the battery inside the negatively charged and positive charge/hit each other. Why will be more and more without the battery, because in normal room temperature, the inside of the electronic kinetic energy is larger, so the battery active, leakage is relatively too frequently. And put the lithium battery in a cryogenic environment, lithium battery of lithium and electrolyte membrane on the surface of the micro particle structure, interface again they are will make a big difference, cause the battery internal temporary is not active, leakage current decreases. So after recharging, cell phones for electricity will increase time.

3。 Polymer lithium battery repair method 3:

in a way, remove the battery, put the appearance of the seven days, the consumption of electricity will gradually, need to use the machine will first electricity consumption after completely. Then all rushed, estimate you charging time is very short, now filled with, disconnect again, over and over again a few times, absolutely useful. About six hundred times the cycle of lithium battery service life. If charging more, hot games make its internal molecules arranged micro particle structure gradually become serious damage, the storage charge efficiency will decrease unconsciously. And freezing process is relatively easy to serious damage to cells of the original internal structure, within the short term may also can improve the ability to take charge, but the long-term use is not always useful. inside the micro particle structure once were severely damaged, want to do a complete recovery is unlikely, long-term use of this method can accelerate the natural loss of cell phone batteries.

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