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Polymer lithium battery custom need to understand the three main factors

by:dcfpower     2020-10-12

small make up recommend everyone must seriously look at, whether to do product design or polymer lithium battery pack report customized programs will have a good effect, to master the three elements lithium polymer battery custom whether you buy polymer lithium battery or design and development of polymer lithium battery, read this article, there is no help to you can come to beat me. Good then we together to learn about the polymer lithium battery custom three main factors.

polymer lithium battery pack is mainly used in portable mobile electronic devices, and consumer digital products. Such as POS terminals, smart acoustics, wine bottle opener, children watch, beauty apparatus, lighting lamps and lanterns, mobile DVD, GPS tracker, holding a small fan battery, controller, lighting lamps and lanterns, radio, ETC, ETC.

1。 Battery capacity and the size of the battery

considering polymer battery usually choose single or double flanged flanging technology, after the folding edge of the battery when the battery will be a bit loose, such as the original hem is 20 mm wide, ruffled after considering the battery pu will therefore will loose some to 20. About 3 mm when I don't have to be made, it is also a challenge product engineer, remember to leave more space or leave a good battery space. In the corresponding space can be done within certain capacity batteries, but not absolutely is the battery capacity, polymer lithium battery manufacturers therefore will give the upper limit and lower limit of battery capacity, this is normal, don't speak like a book prop up.

2。 The thickness of the battery is about 1) compatible or not your product

considering polymer battery itself have swelling, all the soft package of battery charging and discharging will swell after a certain number of times, so what should be considered in product design thickness coefficient of expansion, in addition to choose caliper card battery thickness stretch and not pull card, thickness is there will be a change, not letter you can find a polymer lithium-ion batteries use caliper to measure thickness, the thickness of at least 10 silk deviation.

3。 Battery under normal working conditions of current

polymer battery manufactured goods refers to the PACK of manufactured goods, PACK manufactured batteries mostly with lithium battery protection board, wire, etc. , therefore in the process of polymer lithium battery pack custom must articulate the battery work current, involving large current discharge must indicate the continuous working current is how much, when a moment working current is how much, so I can let the battery work better with your product.

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