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Polymer lithium battery explosion odds big

by:dcfpower     2020-10-08

polymer lithium battery is made of soft packaging design and polymer electrolyte and produced a kind of lithium battery products, all under normal conditions of safe use, storage, explosion accidents may not happen, unless it is man-made factors super destruction caused by its fault. Lithium polymer battery, and was turned into polymer batteries. It compared with lithium ion batteries on the safety coefficient is larger difference depends on when the two batteries with internal heated to a certain level, the status of the lithium ion battery explosion accident happens, and lithium polymer battery just produce volatile chemical properties, the most burning and explosion accident will never happen.

from structural characteristics, polymer lithium battery pack usually choose plastic flexible packaging, casing is thinner, is relatively soft, lithium ion battery more rigid package, casing is thick, is relatively hard, from the perspective of security, plastic flexible packaging battery if once produce sudden damage, such as charging voltage is too high, an explosion accident caused by higher temperature, its destruction is far lower than the rigid package of lithium battery. In order to reduce the explosion, polymer lithium battery has been more and more occasions for safe use, although for other types of batteries are still in the process of lithium-ion batteries, but in the lithium battery types, polymer lithium battery pack has begun to replace ordinary lithium battery in some fields. So safe use in our mobile charging treasure on the polymer lithium-ion batteries, an explosion accident probability is small.

how to prevent the lithium battery explosion?

we can focus on explosion-proof type of lithium battery overcharge avoid, avoid external short-circuit fault, and safety coefficient tripartite main batteries explosion-proof focus on top.

1。 Safe use original original charger, the charging time of lithium battery explosion season. Original original battery charger more than the compatible charger can guarantee security.

2。 Safe use reliable battery: as far as possible to buy original battery or currently on the market famous brand batteries, lithium batteries like we usually say, for instance, do not need to save money and buy second-hand or gray, this kind of battery may after repair, can't compare with original battery can be trusted.

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