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Polymer lithium battery field, polymer lithium-ion batteries, advantages and disadvantages

by:dcfpower     2020-11-01

today has sold on the market at present most of the large capacity charging treasure basically is the use of cylindrical, That is, 18650) Lithium ion battery or granular two lithium polymer batteries, we today of polymer lithium ion battery is used heavily in the large capacity charging treasure above, polymer lithium battery can be used in electronic equipment can also be used in large industrial facilities, good today, we take a look at the polymer lithium battery field, polymer lithium ion battery advantages and disadvantages.

polymer lithium battery field

polymer lithium ion battery is suitable for industry are smart phones, mobile DCD, laptops, high-definition cameras, digital SLR camera, digital drive a wheat, their digital assistant ( PDA) , 4 g phone, new energy vehicles, portable navigation and positioning system, and its cars, high-speed trains, ships, spacecraft, medical robots, skateboard, electric vehicles, children's toy car, lawnmower, electric lawn mower, outdoor exploration of things, mobile devices such as manual things are likely to use polymer lithium ion battery in the future.

in addition, the polymer lithium ion battery unit energy than today's usually lithium battery pack comprehensive development by 50%, its capacity, charge and discharge characteristics, safety performance, safety operation temperature scale, cycle life, Beyond 500 times) In such aspects as the basic function and environmental protection is the all-round development of lithium ion batteries have largely.

lithium polymer batteries

1. High security basic functional polymer lithium ion battery using plastic material on the strategic layout of plastic flexible packaging, distinguish it from liquid metal shell of the battery, once the safe hidden trouble, brief blasting liquid battery, polymer battery will only present gas drum.

2。 Battery its thickness is small, can produce more thin crust usually liquid lithium ion battery using custom first, after the plug is the cathode materials, bao hou do 3. Under 6 mm existence skills, polymer battery does not have a doubt, bao hou can do below 1 mm, fit fashion phone need direction.

3。 Light weight polymer battery weight are equal capacity standard steel shell lithium electricity 40% lighter, a 20% aluminum battery light.

4。 Mobile phone battery capacity big polymer battery more equal scale standard steel shell of mobile phone battery capacity 10% ~ 15%, 5% ~ 10% higher than aluminum battery, into a color screen mobile phone and short message smartphone of choice, now on the market at present new led color screen and short message most smartphones also USES polymer battery.

5。 Cell shape can be customized polymer battery can according to need to add or reduce its thickness, upgrade the battery type, affordable, short cycle time, the mold some and even can be tailored based on smart phone shape, with flexible use of battery shell space, improve cell phone battery capacity.

6。 Good charge and discharge the basic function of polymer lithium battery using gel electrolyte, compared to liquid electrolyte, colloid electrolyte has stable charge and discharge characteristics and higher charge and discharge channel.

polymer lithium ion battery defect

1. Low energy density

usually polymer battery capacity to reach about 2940 mah, so calculate down energy density about five hundred Wh/L, and polymer battery energy density current batch production can be close to six hundred Wh/L.

2。 Poor heat dissipation sex

carbon layer heat less than aluminum foil, so do coating for tape speed and baking temperature appropriate fine-tuning

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