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Polymer lithium battery life, polymer lithium ion battery service life long

by:dcfpower     2020-09-29

everyone is know uniformity of polymer lithium battery, no memory effect, high specific energy. In 1999, mass production into the electronic market, lithium polymer battery is the upgrading generation. Can be heavily used in lighting lamps and lanterns, intelligent speakers, pos intelligent machine. Although said that the service life is long, but there is still a deadline. Then we follow us together today small make up take a look at the polymer lithium battery life, polymer lithium-ion batteries, long service life.

polymer lithium battery service life how long commonly?

under the international standard, the life of the battery is not according to the length, but according to the cycle frequency, which is A complete put the computer time, normally the lithium battery pack is in between five hundred to eight hundred, A polymer battery can reach eight hundred times. So choose a good battery manufacturers battery product quality can be guaranteed, longer service life.

lithium polymer battery life and it has much to do to use performance. Polymer battery is also called polymer batteries, look from the exterior shape, polymer battery is aluminum shell packaging, which is different from the plasma lithium metal shell of the battery. Can use is the key of the root causes of blister shell, the polymer battery colloidal substances help battery plate joint or absorb electrolytes, thus greatly reducing the use of plasma electrolytes. Improvement in the design of the structure, make the polymer battery with high energy density, more practical, the advantages of ultrathin. Compared with the plasma lithium battery, polymer battery life longer, at least can reach five hundred cycles.

polymer lithium battery than conventional cells normally good root cause

1. The materials used in principle is not the same as

this is both the total root of all kinds of different performance. Polymer lithium battery is in the positive, negative or electrolyte three components at least one use of polymer materials. The mean molecular weight of polymer, and its corresponding is the concept of small molecules, polymers have high strength, high wear resistance and high toughness. Current scientific research and development of polymer battery polymer material is mainly used in the anode and electrolyte.

2。 High plasticity, also is the shape that randomly changes

polymer lithium battery can be any size and any shape, root cause is the key to the electrolyte can be solid colloidal instead of plasma, the lithium battery electrolyte is adopted, need a solid shell as a secondary packaging for electrolyte. So, this also prompt the lithium battery pack to increase the part weight.

3。 Safety performance is high, the probability of explosion of small

today's polymer lithium-ion batteries, soft bag is more adopts aluminum-plastic film do case, when the internal organic electrolyte, even if the liquid is very hot don't explode, polymer battery because of aluminum-plastic film with solid or colloidal without leakage, only natural fracture. But everything is not absolute, if instantaneous current is large enough to produce a short circuit, battery fire or split is not impossible, smartphones and tablet computers have more production safety accident caused by this situation.

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