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Polymer lithium battery or lithium battery which is better

by:dcfpower     2021-02-24
As the commodity market heats up, a variety of power sources have emerged, and power sources can be described as endless in the pursuit of consumers. But whether the safety of the battery can be affirmed and accepted by people still depends on the usage. Everyone knows that polymer lithium batteries and lithium batteries are commonly used power sources. So now the question is: Which battery family is strong? Polymer battery is a kind of polymer lithium battery pack, which is a kind of lithium battery pack. Polymer lithium battery has many advantages compared with lithium ion battery. Here is a summary of the advantages of polymer lithium battery: (1) Large capacity density and capacity The density is 1.5~2.5 times that of Ni-MH battery or Ni-Cd battery, or higher; (2) The self-discharge is small, and its capacity loss is small after being placed for a long time; (3) Long life, its cycle life under normal use It can reach more than 500 times; (4) There is no memory effect, it is not necessary to empty the remaining power before charging, which is convenient to use; (5) The safety performance is good, because the polymer battery is structured in aluminum-plastic soft packaging, which is different from liquid batteries If a safety hazard occurs, the liquid battery cell is prone to explode, while the polymer battery cell can only blow up. But the disadvantages are: 1. The battery cost is high, and the electrolyte system is difficult to purify. 2: Need to protect the circuit control, overcharge or overdischarge will destroy the reversibility of the battery's internal chemical substances, which will seriously affect the battery life. The lithium battery pack has a high voltage platform; compared to the battery, the lithium power density is high. It has a high storage energy density; compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are lighter in weight; they have a relatively long service life, which can reach more than 6 years; lithium batteries are highly adaptable to high and low temperatures. The disadvantages of lithium batteries are: all have poor safety, and there is a danger of explosion; lithium cobalt oxide materials can not discharge high current, and the safety is poor; lithium batteries need to protect the circuit to prevent the battery from being overcharged and overdischarged. All in all, if it is to compare the safety of lithium iron phosphate batteryu003e polymer lithium batteryu003e lithium ion battery, but from the cost and various practical application considerations, there are advantages and disadvantages, so it is beneficial to grasp the situation of the above two batteries. Use batteries more scientifically. u003c/pu003e
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